Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yoshihide's ISO Venice o6-o8-i998

Venezia, IT
08 June 1998

free improv and electronic minimalism. slow, abstract, mental. one of my favourite creatures in otomo's living world in late 90's. ISO was a new-born child back then and their debut cd still wet... but how they kicked!

Ichiraku Yoshimitsu: electronics, percussion
Sachiko M: samplers with sine wave
Otomo Yoshihide: records and CDs with mixer, guitar

dat soundboard recording

OTOMO YOSHIHIDE - I.S.O. - Venezia IT, 08 June 1998 288.5 MB!N5QAwCaZ!4W80cK7WQPrq5GL91HnzQittnX27xV8gPglZzFWlLAs

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