Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sonny Sharrock /Nicky Skopelitis o9/o9/i99i

Sonny Sharrock /Nicky Skopelitis


WNYC Radio

SS -e gtr
NS -acoustic gtr

on air duets

WNYC-FM "New Sounds" #711 (unissued)

Sept 9, 1991

1) Interview
2) First Among Equals
3) Interview
4) Ask the Ages
5) Interview
6) Medley pt 1
7) Medley pt 2
8) Interview
9) Exstasis
10) Interview
11) Uncle Herbies Dance
12) Interview
13) All My Trials
14) Interview

Sharrock Skopelitis o9 o9 402.5 MB!cponAKJQ!Y9oIhzzJYpI3GeLOPKBByuvT6Q2CpwJypARKMASY--c

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Phil Minton
David Moss
Jaap Blonk
Paul Dutton
Koichi Makigami

FIMV Festi
Victoriaville PQ

aud dpa 4060's>dpaps>m1

minton victo (246.78MB)

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Curlew i2-----io-----i982


12/10/82- Maxwell's Hoboken NJ-

w/George Cartwright Reeds 
T C Cello 
N Skopelitis Gtr 
Otto Williams B 
Anton Fier Dr!ggoi1YCI!nUz_-zh0tzT0yVmRb2zgg-joqzJvH6DRKm132MtAgzg

Monday, January 21, 2019

Alexander Hacke/Danielle de Picciotto

Aug 29, 2015

Sam Bonds Garage Eugene OR

aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d50

38 min

Danielle de Picciotto will be releasing her acclaimed graphic diary "We Are Gypsies Now" in English August 2015. The book was released in Germany in 2013 by Metrolit Publishing and was #8 on the German Graphic Novel bestseller list The English Version (original) will be released by AMOK Books, Los Angeles

Danielle will be presenting her book and new solo album on a tour through North America together with Alexander Hacke.
The multimedia show will present spoken word & animated drawings of her novel and music from her album "Tacoma" and the upcoming album "Perseverantia" which Alexander and Danielle have been working on since 2014.!R9wVFCTZ!GaRt99zPXbpVC_s8bEsPyuHNCyNWeZrP22vYrW0NQDI

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Ex + Tom Cora –

 Akut Fest, Mainz----48 min 
killer set, abrupt ending
zip flac 226mb!JgwDnCKS!NUA-3NgGORputBTb-_mv7e9TvCgJjfgckfh1u61nuEI