Saturday, March 31, 2012

magical power mako io7 oi.


  Shibuya Quattro 39 min

excellent rec

magical power mako io7 (181.13MB)

Ken Vandemark's Powerhouse Sound Newport 8 8 io.

Ken Vandemark's Powerhouse Sound

Ken Vandermark, tenor saxophone;
Jeff Parker, guitar;
Nate McBride, electric bass;
John Herndon, drums.

npr webcast

Vandemark Newport 8 8 (249.73MB)

.....Fred Frith .....Chris Cutler

Fred Frith w/Chris Cutler

10/27/96 Tokyo, Ja

aud MD

great performance.

Five tracks.

Improvisation. R&B.---

39 min------A-

File Name: FRITH CUTLER 10 27 96.rar
File Size: 186.1 MB
Download Link:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Koichi Makigami with Marc Ribot and Johhny Zorn (reup new link) 97 KnifFac?

reup by request

Koichi Makigami with Marc Ribot and Johhny Zorn.

1995 purported to be Tokyo gig. w/Ground Zero from who I got it from.....

MAYBE 97 kNIT fAC, nyc???????????

announced MR and JZ,

a pretty great fucking relic

get this!!

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thanks again, Frub, you're the man!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Caroliner_4_i7_o3 Chicago


4/17/03 Fireside Bowl, Chicago

ecm 917>sharpMD----49 min-

I did a bunch of edits to this, sounds quite a bit better than what I got originally. B+?

Monday, March 26, 2012

James Chance and the Distorties Nov 8i Roma, Italy

James Chance and the Distorties


 Piper Club

Rome Italy

–aud cass -50 min

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frances-Marie Uitti 5/17/82 re up by request

Frances-Marie Uitti
Sala M CPFR Roma, Italy

Uitti plays 2 bow cello, one of the most interesting cellists out there, and is a Finn nainen, so even better

review of one show:

.....Uitti’s performance is stunning, even when measured by thevery high standard of her past recordings and concerts. In her hands the cello alternately sings and keens,howls and whispers. She is a supremely gifted musician whose ability encompasses everything from standard
practice through the most original of utterances." Opera News
FM radio RAI-44 min

download link as follows, you need to get this

Frances-Marie Uitti - Roma 19-05-1982.rar (220.65MB)

Download Link

Frances-Marie Uitti - Roma 19-05-1982

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bladerunner 5/2i/oi Victo Fest



Zorn, Frith,Laswell, Lombardo 

Colisee Actuelle Fest Victo, PQ

dpa 4060's >dpa mps6030 > m1 

thanks to Dwayne for this recording!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keiji Hainer 5/5/oi solo

Haino solo 2o kv 5/5/oi

5/5/01 20,000 Volts Tokyo, Ja solo vox, tone generator, dr, bouzoki 61min-sbd?>MD--A

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don Cherry/Terry Riley Sept 7o

Don Cherry and Terry Riley

Copenhagen 9/7o

TR- ss (1,3 ) organ (2)
DC-tpt, wood drum (2)
Knud Bjornoe- flt (1,2) , dr (3)
Jesper Zeuthen --ss(1), ts,tabournine (2), wood flute(3)
Poul Ehlers b(1,2) cello (3)

3 untitled cuts

slight error in info file 9/70 is correct date, I think

File Name: cherry riley 9
File Size: 89 MB
Download Link:

Monday, March 19, 2012

reup by request Mary Halvorson 8/15/07 Barbes, Brooklyn, NY

Mary Halvorson 8/15/07 Barbes, Brooklyn, NY 

MH gtr, John Hebert b , Ches Smith dr--edirol r9 w/internal mics--60 min 

 Have not had a chance to see MH, but I've seen Ches more than a few times with SC3 and Good For Cows. Got the heavy hands like Jim Black, great drummer. Halvorson goes from straight up jazzy bop stuff to pretty noisy, all in one set. I need to hear her in the DCW stuff with Anthony Braxton, I'm sure that would be killer....

Just saw Ches with Tim Berne's must say, I think I like him better in a more rock band setting, less so on jazz sets.....

YMMV (310.43 MB)

new linkY!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

!!!!! Frith/Sclavis/Drouet 6---i----98 Moers Festi--SBD!!!

 Fred Frith, Louis Sclavis, Jean-Pierre Drouet

Moers, Germany
June 1, 1998

1. (53:20)

Fred Frith - electric guitar
Louis Sclavis - clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone
Jean-Pierre Drouet - percussion, objects, voice

File Size: 286.3 MB
Download Link:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kinski i2/9/oo reup per request


12/9/00 Graceland, Seattle, WA

 44 min

aud (dsM-6>d8

kinski 12 9 (223.13 MB)



August 7, 2011
Fort Adams State Park
Newport, RI


The quartet Mostly Other People Do The Killing has a deep respect for jazz traditions — and a peculiar way of demonstrating it. The band likes to take song forms and standards, cleave them into bits with exceptional virtuosity (and comic timing), and reconstitute them with Frankenstein-like references to any and every era of jazz. It's presented all in good fun, and with tons of positive energy, as the first act on the Quad Stage.

Personnel: Peter Evans, trumpet; Jon Irabagon, saxophones; Moppa Elliott, bass; Kevin Shea, drums.



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Caroliner ---Wooden Octopus Skull Fest---- 2oo5


                                        9/10/05 Wooden Octopus Skull Fest
                                                                Rebar, Seattle, WA

 aud ecm719>jb3

59 min of Carobits

part one:

part two:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

###### Zorn, Mori, Lindsay Cooper, Frith 11/9/85 Roulette #######

Zorn, Mori, Lindsay Cooper, Frith

11/9/85 Roulette NYC

Stephanie and Irving Stone Fest of Improvisors---49 min

Monday, March 12, 2012

YOU'RE DOIN' IT WRONG!!!! cora/umeza and probably other stuff.....

Complaints have arrived about the split zip files, so I went ahead and checked this one

1) both files downloaded OK, using the links from the blog, not anything that I had saved
2) I saved them into a separate folder
3) I extracted them using the same program that I used to split them, yclept "Peazip" it's a freeware program
4) I converted them to wav using TLH.

everything seems to be ok on this end, I guess the problems that have been occurring are due to the usual " YOU'RE DOIN' IT WRONG!!!!" issue.

aaaand, these split zips for this fileset have been downloaded 32x per my sendspace manager, and I've only gotten one complaint, so sounds like


Nels Cline Singers with Yuka Honda NPR radio o9 ] o7 ] lo

Nels Cline Singers with Yuka Honda NPR radio o9 ] o7 ] lo

Nels Cline Singers with Yuka Honda


Tiny Desk Concerts
NPR Webcast

Nels Cline
Devin Hoff
Scott Amendola
w/Yuka Honda elex/kybd

"You Noticed"

"B86 (Inkblot Nebula)"

"Thoughts on Caetano"

"Blues, Too"

video at

audio at

old magga loads below won't work, but I'll leave them there, nonetheless

NCS o9 o7 (85.55 MB)

Friday, March 09, 2012

Andrea Parkins/Hamid Drake io o5 oi

10/05/01 Kerrytown Concert House Ann Arbor MI

 HD (dr), AP (Piano, Acc, Smplr)

64 min  

nice audience recording, great set!

part 1:

File Name: AP HD io 5
File Size: 200 MB
Download Link:

part 2:

File Name: AP HD io 5
File Size: 119.3 MB
Download Link:

megagodzilla link below for comedy purposes ONLY!

AP HD io 5 (319.27 MB)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Don Cherry 4-tet Sept 65 Stockholm

Don Cherry Quartet
Stockholm 9/65

1) Elephantasy
2) O.C.
3) The Salad of Bad Young Men

DC -crnt
Brian Trentham-tbn
Cameron Brown -b
Al Heath-dr
w/Kwame Ojukwu (ts on 1)

DC4tet 9
File Size: 37 MB
Download Link:

Friday, March 02, 2012

Otomo Yoshihide ii o9 o3 solo gtr

Otomo Yoshihide

11/9/03 solo gtr (acou/elec)----Tokyo Binspark Nishi Ogikubo ---39 min-

OY ii 9 o3 (155.35 MB)

old megua ulplid link there for posterity!