Friday, December 25, 2015

Rubber O Cement Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson Tender Morsels Melancholy Petri-Muse, Si-Si-Si!hwoCkZoT!etS25cZ7C7ziYUMLlHYnfiHHjXRa5DNtJH_zkY-YuxE

Monday, December 14, 2015

Om w/Lichens Jan 28, 2010

OM w/Lichens  

1/28/10 Init Roma, IT

aud ecm907>LS10-80 min

Om Lichens oi 28 373.0 MB!JlIUTbqb!zl6ObQAbshLHzRQFS5ww1BKs2W-V49Inbd61sVpH-IA

Friday, December 11, 2015

Bill Laswell, Tokyo Rotation 3, Tokyo, Shinjuku Pit Inn, May 1, 2009

Bill Laswell


Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo  

Rotation 3 

Set 1  Las-b 
Yoshihide  ;gtr 
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki  ;dr  

Set 2 Bill Las b
Yoshihide  gtr
Yoshigaki;  Tatsuya Nakamura  dr

Bill Laswell, Tokyo Rotation 3, Tokyo, Shinjuku Pit Inn, May 1,

756.0 MB!dh4hnC4K!OHSbPT5uRvbfYx2neah0rE6GuefmdFGMqrzUKbsaCik

Friday, November 27, 2015

6/9/99 Tonic NYC

6/9/99 Tonic NYC 

Mirror/Dash Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon; & same nite/ venue T Moore, Nels Cline, Carla Bozulich, Tom Surgal, Devin Sarno, Lin Culbertson; 

aud csb>m1-57 min tot
o6 o6 i999 264.2 MB!d5YSAILI!zj8VXWW00ZrOXIqFVl3Us8WauxSPBlu5bFsdlHByc0o

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bill Laswell TOKYO ROTATION o5 o5 2oio


(holy crap, what a line up!)


Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo,

Thursday, November 19, 2015

amt o9 io 2ooi Reckless Records in Store

Acid Mother Temple

9/10/01 AMT's in-store performance at Reckless Records Chicago, – 47 min---

amt o9 io

Filesize: 294.03MB


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ruins and Sun City Girls, live collaboration dvd i994

Ruins and Sun City Girls

live collaboration dvd

date I have for this is sometime 1994. Appears to be a house or shop show, nothing on the live data base shows this

or maybe  Filmed by Javier Gallegos in Seattle at what was known as the Palatine House where Alan, Charlie and Scott Colburn lived at the time. Guessing 1993, maybe 94. 

collab in 94. Pretty crazy set, as you could imagine.

decent quality video and audio.

screen caps above

ruins scgs 2.29 GB!MtRTXLaD!kg1S8o75D3qMGc3mvZyOscGU-6bCX84umjp_XyYiNBc

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Makoto Kawabata w/Jean Francois Pauvros o6////////o9/////2oio

Makoto Kawabata w/Jean Francois Pauvros 

Jean6/9/10 Ecurie Ilot 13, Geneva Switz w/ JF Pauvros aud panawm61a>r9—32 min 

–Kawabata  Pauvros 2010-06-09

Uploaded: November 4, 2015, 18:37

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Boredoms o5 3i i993 Buffalo DVD

May 31, 1993 
The Icon
Buffalo NY

fair video, nothing real good, camera operator does too much pan and zoom audio is pretty good. 

there's a few youtube segment of this, but this is the entire show, to my knowledge

CRAZY show!

screen caps ici:

Boredoms o5 3i i993 Buffalo.zip4.03 GB!s1ZxkJKK!OZ5UM2suxjHT1PEu7bgcotmf6HSwoJAZ0WyhM8Tu-Sk

Friday, October 09, 2015

Haino Kawabata Yoshida io 26 o7

Hainer w/Kawabata & Yoshida 

10/26/07 UFO Club Tokyo Ja 

"First Awakening" 

aud mm-HLSC-2>spsb8>r-1-47 min

File Name: Haino Kawabata Yoshida io 26
Download Link:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Japanese New Music Festival ver.4 november 2005

Japanese New Music Festival ver.4 november 2005

(Magaibutsu [Japan]/CD Extra/ 2005)

Audio Tracks (flac)
Shrinp Wark
Ruins Alone
Zubi Zuva X
Acid Mothers Temple SWR

Movies (mp4)

 Ruins Alone,
 Shrinp Wark, 
Zubi Zuva X, 
Acid Mothers Temple SWR

photos and Text

limited 1000 copies.(my copy iz #330)

JNMF ii o4
437.0 MB!whRBwRxa!jZoCIt6w02QWXZGQh9FY_9jLrvMh4hqb_8BvEWUYxwY

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Munehiro Narita/Tetuszi Akiyama i2 o9 2oo8 Tokyo

Munehiro Narita/Tetuszi Akiyama

gtr duets

12/9/08 Mission Koenji Tokyo, Ja w/Akiyama   aud audix m1250>ps2>d50 42 min

Narita Akiyma i2 o9


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Acid Mother Temple tour disc 2oo5 "Trigger In, Trigger Out"

 Acid Mother Temple
Trigger In, Trigger Out
Tour disc 2oo5

amt 2oo5 TI

Filesize: 155.59MB

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Keiji Haino/Loren "Mazola" Conners

Keijii Haino/Loren "Mazola" Conners

Downtown Music Gallery
Jan 8, 1992

File Name: Hainer Mazola oi o8
File Size: 82.7 MB
Download Link:

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Nels Cline/Carla Bozulich o4/29/2ooo

4/29/00 Nels Cline/Carla Bozulich (Scarnella)

The Lab, L A CA



File Name: Scarnella o4 29

File Size: 96.9 MB

Download Link:

Sunday, August 30, 2015

No Safety o7/i2/i993 Zeena Parkins, Chris Cochrane DVD

No Safety

7/12/93 Knitting Factory, NYC

screen capture above.

Decent sound (eq helps) decent picture, an essential for fans of these musicians

No Safety was a New Yorkband formed by Zeena Parkins (Skeleton Crew, News From Babel, Bjork). The band also included guitarists Chris Cochrane (Curlew) and Doug Seidel, bassist Ann Rupel (curlew, God is my CoPilot), and drummer Tim Spelios on this show (Pippen Barnett on most other sets).

They released their first album entitled This Lost Leg in 1989 on Rec Rec before being joined by David Shea for their second album, Spill in 1992. The band also released a split with the Flying Luttenbachers in 1994 before disbanding. Also a live cd with some of this set as well as sets from 7/5, 7/13 and  featured on Live at Knitting Factory series disc 3(portions of a set recorded 11/19/89.) Get em all!!N4pnjZDY!_SyiHowlg6eUodvdYoUG6TXQZcTqSYu27UvrdDHhhjk

No Safety o7 i2
2.05 GB

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kawabata w/ Michishita of Lsd March (dr) 


"Newpicnic Fest" Taiyo Park Himeji Ja 

aud mm-hlsc-2>spsb8>r-1- 

21 min

as quoted, "acid is groovy"

Kawabata io o8!EgBXGYAT!-hH4ePiuxQ8aKx2pbj1fh3F2rKIhFCaZcKbeLMrkufw 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Julian Preister w/Sam Rivers and Tucker Martine

Julian Preister

 3/26/99 Cowell Ctr, SF CA

 w/Sam Rivers and Tucker Martine

--aud 32 min

 Priester o3 26
Filesize: 139.81MB

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tsurabami i2/i3/2oo7

Tsurabami i2/i3/2oo7 


Urga Shinjyuku Tokyo Ja 
Kawabata/ Higashi Hiroshi / Emi Nobuko

 aud mm-hlsc-2 >spsb-8>d50 -


20 min

TSURUBAMI 2007-12-13 Urga Tokyo
Filesize: 120.24MB


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Inyo Gogyo "Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water"

Inyo Gogyo

(Asahito Nanjo, Makoto Kawabata)

"Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water”

cass 1996 (LA-096)>cdr--39 min

Uploaded: July 15, 2015, 19:28

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Damo Suzuki o4/25/2oo7 Glasgow

Damo Suzuki

4/25/07 Tramway, Glasgow 

w/Hamish Black/Douglas MacIntyre-gtrs,
Bill Wells-kybd,
Raymond MacDonald-reeds,
Sushil Dade -b/elex,
Sace -dr 

aud ecm717>iriver140--39 min

File Name:
Download Link:

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Wreck and Reference oo3 24 2oi4

Wreck and Reference 

The Boreal 
Eugene OR 

aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d50

Wreck and Reference o3 24 217.9 MB!gkgzkDQI!8Euy80POtaG4EFiKW1CwCkQ2sGJsxEVBb7zSk6e2jbc

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kawabata o6/i5/2oo3



Khyber Pass, PA

probably from the Slime Mold collection, thus dpa4061's>m1

July 15, 2015, 16:44

Monday, July 20, 2015

Agalloch o6 o5 2oi5 WoW Hall


June 6, 2015
WoW Hall
Eugene OR

aud dpa4061's>spsb3>d50

Agalloch  o6 o5 499.1 MB!w0Z2QSxS!oQZiO5kpm2c_LiCymBIEcjiGxt0OIy-LQ5-o1Xzh1o8

Monday, July 06, 2015

Magical Power Mako io/i7/2ooi

magical power mako io7 181.1 MB


Saturday, May 02, 2015

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum oi io 2oo6 dvd


1/10/06 WoW Hall Eugene OR

Carla Kihlstedt vio, vox, perc ,nyckelharpa;
Nils Frykdahl gtr, vox;
Matthias Bossi dr marimba, melodica and vox;
Michael Mellender perc, gtr, trpt, glockenspiel, valhalla, vatican, electric pancreas, lever and vox;
Dan Rathbun b, sledge-hammer dulcimer, pedal-action wiggler, cockroach and vox

video handheld Sony mini DV camcorder about 4’ above
crowd at 15’ from right stack/then synch’ed with my
audio recording csb’s>csBB>d100 -dvd -60 min + -

note, NOT HD vid, but a great documentation of a really good STGM show and one with really nice audio (IMO)

STGM oi io 3.23 GB!QwgwzZJA!b4cv50eDFTn2iBUDVLn6dax



Monday, April 27, 2015

Wreck and Reference o3 22 2oi5

Wreck and Reference

o3 22 2oi5

WGCH, Eugene OR

aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d50

Wreck and Reference o3 22 173.9 MB!ElpE0QCI!HlQFnZebPXLFLhH93Uly1C9oc_OCjsh3MmOhW_m6P9M

Monday, March 30, 2015

So Stressed o3/22/2oi5

So Stressed

WGCH, Eugene OR

aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d50

So Stressed o3 22 124.6 MB!YxQGVZYK!EWuBDL9Ce1cS-_OzU0oerhBJWrUHtvAymnbB1w8-FMU

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Keijii Hainer, Sam Hill Golem io////23////2oo8

Keiji Hainer

"Samhill Golem"

Sdlsx, Toky, Ja


Haino gtr vox, Mitsuru Nasuno - b, vox Tatsuya Yoshida - dr

aud dpa 4061's>d50

Sanhedrin 2008-10-23 SuperDeluxe 844.7 MB!sthBkJSL!KKv8juN7_1JgElySzGxqhSoUGMojT1U2tJd7XAMfets

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eugene Chadbourne/Jimmy Carl Black

Eugene Chadbourne/Jimmy Carl Black

6/8/08 Shijunkie Pitt Inn Tokyo, Ja   “zappa nite “

aud cos11’s>hps>r1-

-110 min apx -

Set 1:

01 Introduction Set 1 (by the promoter) - 1:36
02 Woolie Boolie - 2:42
03 Cheap Thrills - 5:32
04 Willie The Pimp - 4:00
05 Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance - 3:32
06 How Can I Be Such A Fool - 5:16
07 Love Of My Life - 4:10
08 Mr. Green Genes - 2:56
09 Smoke On The Water - 4:36
10 Unknown [1] - 4:42
11 Asshole From El Paso - 3:26
12 Willin' - 5:16

Set 2:

13 Introduction Set 2 (by the promoter) - 1:08
14 Concentration Moon - 3:32
15 My Banjo Wants To Kill Your Mama - 3:16
16 What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body - 2:36
17 I Got More Pussies Than Zappa - 4:34
18 Absolutely Free - 3:18
19 Lonely Little Girl - 2:16
20 Who Are The Brain Police - 2:18
21 Anyway The Wind Blows - 3:34
22 Let's Make The Water Turn Black - 2:06
23 Unknown [2] - 3:12
24 Mon & Dad - 7:14
25 Lonesome Cowboy Burt - 4:20
26 Help I'm A Rock ~ It Can't Happen Here - 7:28

The Jack & Jim Show 2008-06-08 Pit Inn (Zappa Night) 566.7 MB!01JFFbQQ!ipREf0bg4bEoGNWMTMbNjyR75M_DI6vsFBSL_KO8B2A

Monday, March 09, 2015

Tetuszi Akiyama, 9/28/05 Ghent

Tetuszi Akiyama

9/28/05 Frontline, Ghent, Belg

solo, prepared resonator gtr

aud MD?48 min

You have successfully uploaded a file called Akiyama Ghent o9 28 (246.4 MB) to sendspace.

Use the following link to retrieve your file:

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Otomo Yoshihide

8/3/07 , Pitt Inn, Toky, Ja

ONJO Otomo Yoshihide (g)Kahimi Karie (vo)Tsugami Kenta (as)Axel Dorner (tp)Sachiko M (sine waves)Takara Kumiko (vib)Mizutani Hiroaki (b)Yoshigaki Yasuhiro (ds,tp)・ONJO 2-day Concert @Shinjuku Pit Inn(2007/08/03~04)”

disc 1
1 talking 01:54
2 (unknown title) 48:48

1 talking / happy birthday 05:22
2 Hat and Beard 20:12
3 Jikan Ryokou (Theme from Kitaro ga Mita Gyokusai) 09:19
4 Kinski 10:40
5 Straight Up and Down / Mayonaka no Shizukana Kuroi Kawa no Ue ni Ukabiagaru Shiroi Yuri no Hana 21:13
6 Lost in the Rain 13:07

Otomo yoshihide-2007-08-03 Shinjuku Pit 493.6 MB!h0RASAiC!1-YlNNBt0de0Th6QxXqTxnLILXzT2-UlirwgNImlTNI

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Otomo Yoshihide

3/8/08 Shimouzawa Tokyo, Ja aud dpa4061’s>d50 –67 min

zip 398.1 MB!QloRXbKY!Xqp4LUqoLuY_eJem-68VmENCPisHYnNmNyPv9DeIC8U

Friday, February 27, 2015

Panty Christ

Bob Ostertag/Justin Bond/Otomo Yoshihide


Ghent, Belg

Bob also has a studio version of this and all his work for free download at

PantyChrist Ghent 302.9 MB!Ro4yFDiY!5s4d6MldNoQdO9M0qxfP-ztoh7nCUYG3WJ3G9xliQKU

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Merzbow Boris oi 25 i997



  Akita w/Boris

20000v Koenji Tokyo-

dat -73 min



Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jucifer 2/5/15 WoW Hall flac and mp3


Feb 5. 2015

WoW Hall 

Eugene OR

aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d50

45 min

Pretty good show! Amber's vocs are low in the mix, but sound quality is pretty good (level 2 with -20db setting needed to keep it under control! Amber is sporting some new "puffy" lips!

You have successfully uploaded 2 files to
File 1:
File Name: Jcfr.mp3
File Size: 62 MB
Download Link:

File 2:
File Name: Jucifer o2 o5
File Size: 229.3 MB
Download Link:

Saturday, February 07, 2015

DMBQ o4 i8 2oo5


Shinji Masuko,Toru Matsui-gtrs, elex, Ryuichi Watanabe-b, China-dr (RIP)

April 18, 2005

John Henry's

Eugene OR

aud -csb’s>csBB>d100

67 min

I think this show was just before the bad car crash they had, China played the drums on her head and tossed them into the audience at the end. Hell of a show!

RIP John Henroids, too. They had some good music there and had a great soundman

DMBQ o4 i8 394.7 MB!EtAmUYCL!jrAUx9aicN4GjcrCE81VkPVbLCrZVAZlk8AjO4dfG5w

Monday, January 26, 2015

Otomo Yoshihide io i4 2oo5



Donaueschinger Musiktagen 2005, Ger

w/ Sachiko M,Axel Dörner,Martin Brandlmayr—fm

Sendspace File Upload Confirmation 

You have successfully uploaded a file called (224.6 MB) to sendspace.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Moe ! Staiano solo perc "mOEKETSTRA" 4/26/07

Moe ! Staiano


DIVA center, Eugene,OR

aud dpa4061’s>spsb3>d100

-21 min 

Moe S o4 26

Uploaded: January 14, 2015, 03:08

Monday, January 19, 2015

Z'ev 4/26/07


solo perc

04 26 2007
Diva Art Ctr
Eugene OR

aud dpa4061's>spsb3>d100

File Name: Zev o4 26
File Size: 192.6 MB
Download Link: