Saturday, May 02, 2015

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum oi io 2oo6 dvd


1/10/06 WoW Hall Eugene OR

Carla Kihlstedt vio, vox, perc ,nyckelharpa;
Nils Frykdahl gtr, vox;
Matthias Bossi dr marimba, melodica and vox;
Michael Mellender perc, gtr, trpt, glockenspiel, valhalla, vatican, electric pancreas, lever and vox;
Dan Rathbun b, sledge-hammer dulcimer, pedal-action wiggler, cockroach and vox

video handheld Sony mini DV camcorder about 4’ above
crowd at 15’ from right stack/then synch’ed with my
audio recording csb’s>csBB>d100 -dvd -60 min + -

note, NOT HD vid, but a great documentation of a really good STGM show and one with really nice audio (IMO)

STGM oi io 3.23 GB!QwgwzZJA!b4cv50eDFTn2iBUDVLn6dax