Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Zu Kanka March 15, 2001 Nagoya Japan

 Zu Kanka

March 15, 2001

unknown venue 

Nagoya Japan 

Shoji Hano drums, vocals 

Makoto Kawabata guitar, electronics

Koji Shimura bass 

nice write up of this show at 


including an mp3 download, for those who have such inclinations 

2 unknown track titles and unknown recording gear

runs a little hot, but a blistering set, nonetheless

tested not mp3 sourced


Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Ulmer/Ali/Ali 12/1987 Knitting Fac NYC

 James Bkood Ulmer/ Rashied Ali/Amin Ali

JBU gtr

Amin Ali b

Rashied Ali dr

father and son Rashied and Amin with JBU in a rare set, sounds pretty good, too

likely cass recording, a tape flip at track 7

Knitting Factory NYC December 1987


send space is acting up more and more, here is a better link