Friday, December 31, 2021

Joel Harrisson and Free Country "Sam's Bondage Garage" Tiny Town 8 6 3

 Joel Harrisson and Free Country


Sam Bonds Garage, Eugene, OR

aka "Sam's Bondage Garage"

JH-vox, e & e slide gtr,
David Binney -as, live sampling,
Thomas Morgan - b,
Dan Weiss-dr

track list by inference, some titles are just guesses (ymmv)

tracked to divide into 2 std cdr's

disc 1---------------------

1) I Walk the Line 9:57
2) Will the Circle be Unbroken 10:40
3) Reuben's Train 7:17
4) Intro/Sing Me Back Home 8:18
5) Summertime 14:49
6) Get Rhythm (When You Get the Blues) 11:21

disc 2------------------

1)Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad 9:27
2)What a Beautiful City 9:08
3)Tender Years 4:17
4)Death Don't Have no Mercy 6:04

Binney is outstanding on this as is Mr Weiss, band stretches out most on last track, at the request of the taper.....


coresounds were slowly devolving into "corpsesounds", so you may notice a little modulation on one channel now and again, but it really
does sound pretty good, especially for the worst venue in Tiny Town

minor channel volume issues due to Coresound microphones beginning to fail

still sounds pretty well ok, even hearing it after 10 years!

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Castanets 2005-06-27


June 27, 2005

Cozmic Pizza, Eugene OR

no setlist, 6 untitled tracks

guitar, electronics, vocal-Ray Raposa 

drums/electronics-unknown musician

played this set along with Skygreen Leopards

and Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice

aud csb’s>csbb>d100>soundforge

-26 min-

Monday, December 20, 2021

INDIAN 11 21 11


November 21, 2011

Oak St Speakeasy

Eugene OR

setlist unknown

Will Lindsay Guitars, Vocals

Dylan O'Toole Vocals, Guitars

Ron DeFries Bass

Bill Bumgardner (R.I.P. 2016) Drums


aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d50

Saturday, December 18, 2021

KK Null solo 5/22/99 Chicagp

KK Null


Fireside Bowl, Chicago ILL

solo electronic set

great set and recording!

mp3 version here

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Mute Socialite Feb 12, 2009

 Mute Socialite


  Samurai Duck, Eugene, OR 

Moe Staiano dr , Ava Mendoza gtr, Alee Karim b, Liz Albee trpt

 aud dpa4061’s>spsb3>d100-40 min apx

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Liz Albee/Jen Baker duo o8 i3 2oo7


Liz Albee Jen Baker duo

August 13, 2007

DIVA Center

Eugene OR

Liz A trumpet

Jen B trombone

aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d100

Friday, December 03, 2021

XBXRX 10 16 2005


Oct 16. 2005

Indigo District 
Eugene OR 

aud csb's>csbb>mdmt770