Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rhys Chatham gtr octet 6/7/13 new link

Preview event for Rhys Chatham’s “A Secret Rose” (June 7, 2013)

Rhys Chatham, electric guitar
Ava Mendoza, electric guitar
John Schott, electric guitar
George Chen, electric guitar
John Krausbauer, electric guitar
Bill Orcutt, electric guitar
Lisa Mezzacappa, electric bass
Jordan Glenn, drums

new link by requeest

Recorded on June 7, 2013 at The LAB in San Francisco, Other Minds presents a preview event for its upcoming presentation of Rhys Chatham’s “A Secret Rose,” a piece for 100 guitars. During this event Rhys Chatham introduces two of his earlier compositions for multiple electric guitars, electric bass, and drums. In his introduction for the first work, an excerpt of “Guitar Trio,” Chatham tells how in the 1970s he was interested in minimalism but after hearing the band The Ramones perform he was inspired by their three cord punk songs to expand his own guitar compositions from one to two chords. The resulting work, “Guitar Trio” is a driving, pulsating, yet never quite overwhelming barrage of guitars and overtones, that never seems to get dull. Then after introducing the band, Chatham, jokingly remarks that the next piece is based on a precise tuning system going back to Pythagoras before the band rips into his “The Out of Tune Guitar No. 3.”

1) Guitar Trio, for multiple electric guitars, electric bass, and drums [excerpt] (1977) (19:22) / Rhys Chatham

2)band introductions

3) The Out of Tune Guitar No. 3 for multiple electric guitars, electric bass, and drums (2012) (4:23) / Rhys Chatham

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ground Zero 5/22/95 Victo

Ground Zero

5/22/95 Victo Fest PQ

Otomo, Uchihashi, Nasuno, Uemura, Yoshigaki, & Sachiko M -

57 min

seems to be a Dwayne rec? if so, aud dpa4060's>msps6030 >m1

Ground zero 5 22 238.32MB

flac link:

check out the following link for an edited version!!
thanks to Rest in Bits for the work

note MP3 link below,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eyvind Kang 3/23/07

Eyvind Kang
Chop Suey
Seattle, WA

Tim Young- gtr
Shahzad I- b
Tucker M- elex
Randall Dunn- elex 

matrix aud akgc1000’s>ua5.mt2496 /sbd-

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fred Frith Sudhu Tewari 2/25/05 SF CA

Fred Frith performs new works with Sudhu Tewari

February 25 2005, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater & Forum, San Francisco, California

Legendary experimental guitarist Fred Frith premieres improvisations both as a soloist and as a member of the duo Normal, alongside Sudhu Tewari, a Bay Area resident of Indian descent whose remarkable music is performed on homemade acoustic instruments. Since recording “Guitar Solos” in 1974, Frith has been regarded as one of a handful of radical innovators on the instrument. A co-founder of the English rock group Henry Cow, Frith also has composed a significant body of chamber music for such groups as the ASKO Ensemble, ROVA Saxophone Quartet, and Ensemble Modern.

"Playing his modified stereo receiver with amplified springs bits of metal and electronics that create a industrial sound. Sudhu (su-du) Tewari is an audio gadgeteer with a simple motto: if it can make noise, it can make music. The 28-year-old Berkeley musician brings his curious system to the 11th Other Minds Festival in San Francisco on Friday, 2/25, in a duo performance with experimental guitarist Fred Frith. Tewari builds all his own instruments, often using trash like old springs, speakers from old toys and the shells of 1970s stereo receivers. He recycles cultural throwaways, too: he has a working 8-track tape player and a collection of 8-track tapes that includes the early 70s "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk. He's part of a community of young musicians who follow the model of total freedom pioneered on the West Coast by John Cage 50 years ago"  Eric Luse / The Chronicle SF CA

note info file sez 2/22 vs correct 2/25, hit the wrong key there, sorry abt that.

Musical Selections: [untitled improvisations] (2005) (28:55) / Fred Frith

Performers: Fred Frith, guitar
Sudhu Tewari, homemade instruments

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mainliner 7/17/99



Asahito Nanjo-b/vox,

Koji Shimura-dr

7/17/99 Chicago Empty Bottle


File Name: Mainliner 7 17
Download Link:

Friday, November 08, 2013

Ototmo Yoshihde Ghent 1/23/01

Ototmo Yoshihde

1/23/01 Ghent, Vooriut, Belgium

O.Y.- guitar, turntables,
Sachiko M.-samp.,
Haco-elex, vox,
Yagi Michiyo-koto,
Mari Furuta-perc,
Taku Sugimoto-guitar,
Toshimaru Nakamura-elex,
Yasukatsu Oshima-vox,sanshin

(all over on this one, pure noise to almost country-western. trad Japanese koto, etc.)

2cd (aud) Dat

File Name: Yoshihide Ghent 1 23
Download Link:

File Name: Yoshihide Ghent 1 23
Download Link:

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Big load of early Yoshihide live sets

Yoshihide misc early sets

sbd's and excellent audience recordings

these all should be downloaded ASAP, they may otherwise be gone in typical sendspace purge...I gotta stop using that "service".

these are all awesome early Yoshihide sets, much better than most of the shit he's doing today!


11/9/03 solo gtr (acou/elec)---
-Tokyo Binspark Nishi Ogikubo -

--39 min-

aud csb’s to d100

File Name: yoshihide 11 9
 Download Link: SENDSPACE HAS THIS FILE SCREWED UP, sorry about that ---ild

solo turntable-
--Tokyo Nishi Azabu Super Deluxe 
25 min
aud csb’s d100
File Name: yoshihide 11 11
Download Link:


Venezia, Italy

Ichiraku Yoshimitsu, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide

sbd---49 min

File Name: Yoshihide 6 8 98
Download Link: