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quoth Nice Pooper Zine, a pretty decent compendium of AMT esoterica, who has this in MP3 on his awesome site

Acid Mothers Sunday Vol 28: Okhami No Jikan - Black Tape (LA-068)
The connection to Acid Mothers Temple on this installment is a bit tenuous, as the lineup to Nanjo Asahito's Okami No Jikan was supposed to be secretive and clouded in black mystery and such, we can only speculate. I honestly hear/don't hear some of Kawabata's playing on these jams, so there is the disclaimer. "May not contain any AMT"

A friend bought this tape at a High Rise show in 1999 at the Khyber Pass to the best of my recollection. I borrowed and transferred to CDr around the same time, but neglected to scan in the cover, so this one is coverless. My apologies. I am sure it was black. This one contains two more versions of their signature tune, "Israel." Both clock in at 15 minutes plus with the second version sounding more like a live recording than the first. It also sounds a bit more like Nanjo's guitar playing. Both jams feature the slow/heavy drums and bass riffage with insane amounts of guitar + effects just blown the fuck over top. And some quiet vocals in there at points. Here is what the La Musica catalog from the time had to say:

068. OHKAMI NO JIKAN / Black Tape
Complete reisue of a mysterious cassette that was only sold at gigs in 1992. Their earliest cool and heavy studio demo recordings featuring the original line-up. The original release was limited to 30 copies.

Man, I wish Nanjo wasn't missing from action. There really seems to be no one like him and in spite of the rumored rip offs and stuff, he did an amazing amount of work to popularize the Japanese underground world wide. I await his return with some sort of black metal superfuzz kill group. Mysterious to a fault? Anyone with more Ohkami or the awesome sounding spin off groups Ohkami No Bohyo or Ten No Ohkami, please post them somewhere and drop me a line or leave a comment. Thanks and enjoy!


oKHAMI nO jIKAN bLACK tAPE.zip (231.66 MB)

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Chadbourne 12/4/03 Chap Hill NC

Eugene Chadbourne

Nightlight Café Chapel Hill NC
EC banjo/ gtr
 Ben Lee- gtr/banjo,
David Menestres- b,
Ian Davis-dr

aud Neumann TLM103’s>Marantz CDR300

49 min-

two corrections to the set list.
> track five is Peace by Ornette Coleman
>> track six is Peace Warrior by Ornette Coleman

this Wetransfer file will expire soon, so grab this while it's still here


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"Holy Angels - Angel Trip" (LA-082)

Pooperzine sez it well

"Holy Angels - Angel Trip (LA-082)

This is another one of the Nanjo/La Musica cassette tape releases from the late nineties. This is one of my faves; the rich, deep echo'd out psych is just gorgeous. Not really sure what the story behind this is exactly, though Holy Angels do have a few cassettes listed in this La Musica catalog. Angel Trip is listed as catalog number LA-082 and contains two long tracks. The description from the catalog (by Nanjo, translated by Alan Cumming) goes like this:

Space psycedelic group centring around female members. Their third release to feature that heavenly holy sound. While still pursuing the minimal progressive direction evident on their previous release, here they increase the voltage and add a full psychedelic trip-feel. Also features Asahito Nanjo on sitar. Unreleased studio recordings.

And that is about all the info I can dig it. It seems this was issued on vinyl at one point, but I never actually saw it or anything."


hOLY aNGELS aNGEL tRIP.zip (248.86 MB)

new linkie Reebot Icky Saaaalfelden 2oo3


happy xman! meaty new year


Marc Ribot, Ikue Mori - Saalfelden 2003-08-30 (AUD).rar (231.24 MB)

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more requests

Ribot/Icky-Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalfelden 8/3o/o3

number 2 on this, so it's coming soon

 Johnny Z0rn/ Fred Frith duets 6/25/89 Rochester NY...

 Koichi Makigami w/Marc Ribot and Zorn 1995 Tokyo ... fka

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Fred Frith 6/3/06 the Stone NYC “Graphic Scores; Stone, Brick, Glass, Wood, Wire"

by request,

Fred Frith 

6/3/06 the Stone NYC “Graphic Scores Stone, Brick, Glass,

Wood, Wire”

Chuck Bettis (vox, elex) 

Shelley Burgon (harp) 

Sylvie Courvoisier (p) 

Mario Diaz de Leon (el gtr) 

Peter Evans (trpt) 

Mark Feldman (vio) 

Tim Keiper (perc) 

Okkyung Lee (cello) 


early and late shows 2cd aud DAT- 93 min  

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uploaded for request by  "the unameable one"

I kept the megaupload links just in case it comes back again, like jesus

frith 6 3 06 early.zip (187.5 MB)

frith 6 3 06 late.zip (203.29 MB)

Yoshihide/Mats Gustafson Wels 'o2

 Yoshihide duets w/Mats Gustafson

11/8/02 Wels Mus UL Austria

aud ecm909A>d7—18 min

Yoshihide Mats G ii 8 o2.zip (76 MB)

  again, with these sendspace files, get them while you can


Eye & Otomo - Wels 2oo2-11-o8

 yamanammma eye and yoshihide, what a fucking combo!

11/8/02 Wels Mus UL Austria

 Yoshihide duets w/Yamaeataata Eye aud ecm909A>d7—34 min—killer set--A-

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Eye & Otomo - Wels 2002-11-08 (AUD).rar (152.84 MB)

requests recieved so far

Gotten these requests so far

will get to at least some of them sometime.

Yoshihide/Eye Wels 2oo2 GOT THIS ONE DONE

Frith 6/3/06 Stone GOT THIS ONE DONE

Barbican, London, U(c)K
Zorn/ Frith/Lombardo/Laswell

4 22/03
Nya Perspektiv Project
Concert Hall
vasteras Sweden

Jan 1, 2001
Osaka Partitta-Japan “Psycho Baba”

8/12/01 Hotaka Mountain Fest , Tokyo environs, Ja

Icky Mori/Otomo Yoshihide 10/2/04

Frith Dresser Mori Ostertag 4/26/94

Fred/Mark/Icky and Bob

Zorn-"gamey chunks" Tonic 9/10/03

Zorn "soul set" 11/23/95
CBGB's 313 Gallery

Ribot/Icky-Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalfelden 8/3o/o3

Johnny Z0rn/ Fred Frith duets 6/25/89 Rochester NY

Koichi Makigami w/Marc Ribot and Zorn 1995 Tokyo (maybe?) NYc?97?

Prelapse w/John Zorn--remaster-- 4/18/96

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megaupload is dead ;(

so, if anyone wants any of these recordings, contact me thru blogger or


sorry for the loss, but there you go.....

this is the same issue as my ISP (state university) will not allow me to use bittorrent p2p programs. Too many people are doing the illegal things. just stop that?

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Indian, AWESOME SET ii/2i/ii


OSS, Eugene OR 


aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d50

awesome set, get this!!

no megaupload anymore, but I can reup and send a link to individuals on request, let me know, I'll keep the megalink below, just in case it comes back somehow

indian 11 21 11.zip (193.93 MB)

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Pre 7/27/o8 93 feet east


93 Feet East
London UcK

aud ecm 717>d50

anudder kindness from Jorg, thanks!

Pre2008-07-27.zip (115.53 MB)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Laswell/Yoshihide l2/l5/o3 at the Pit

Laswell /Yoshihide

Tokyo Shinjuku Pitt Inn

K.L.Y.K.Y Laswell (b),
Otomo Yoshihide (gtr),
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (dr, tr)
Yuji Katsui (v)
Naruyoshi Kikuchi (sax, kybd) --

-aud csbs>d100--94 min 

Laswell (b), Otomo Yoshihide (gtr), Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (dr, tr) Yuji Katsui (v) Naruyoshi Kikuchi (sax, kybd) -Tokyo Shinjuku Pitt Inn--aud csbs>d100--94 min 2 cd---A

LYOYKK i2 i5 o3.zip (730.11 MB)