Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zerang/Lonberg-Holm/Mueller trio 7/9/06

Michael Zerang (perc)

Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) 

with Torsten Mueller (b) 

7/9/06 , DIVA Arts Center-Eugene OR

dpa 4061’s>spsb3>d100 

I was lucky to see these guys, Zerang can get more out of a temple bell than many drummers out of a massive set, and Fred and Torsten are just  fantastic players.  

see newer post for re-upload links

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rick Bishop/Eugene Chadbourne 4/22/05 SBD!

solos and duets

4/22/05 High Noon Saloon Maidson WI 

-sbd>m1--92 min----A

Bishop-Chadbourne2005-04-22-flac.zip (343.85 MB)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Icky Mori/Otomo Yoshihide 10/2/04

 Icky Mori/Otomo Yoshihide 10/2/04 

10/2/04 Lady Jane, Tokyo Shimo Kitazawa w / Ikue Mori (lptp, perc), Yoshihide (gtr, tt’s, elex) 

aud dpa 4061’s> d100 73 min -

mori-yoshihide 2004-10-02.zip (410.89 MB)

Hainer/sakata from the 10 cent site

Just had a pal upload this for me, it's the one on Dime a Dozen recorded by fiyuki,

hiz notes

Haino Keiji X Sakata Akira

"LadyJane", Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan


Lineage: JZ microphones BT201-O>Naiant LittleBox(13'oclock)>[Line-In]Sony PCM-D50(Level6,24bit/48KHz)>
DigionSound5(Normalize/Resampling/Dithering)>Wav(16bit/44.1KHz)>TLH>flac (level 6)

Setlist : long improvisation
1. ? [ 60min 32sec ]
2. ? [ 62min 46sec ]

The Band:
Haino Keiji - guitar, hurdy gurdy, tambour, vocals
Sakata Akira - sax, flute, vocals

Note that:
This is not my best recording due to audience noise, I thought that it is still enjoyable stuff... enjoy!

Haino Keiji X Sakata Akira 2011-02-13 LadyJane

MMoB 1/29/09 Neumo's Seattle


1/29/09  Neumos - Seattle, WA 

aud- sp-cmc4 hypers>-spsb-6>jb3

mmob 1 29 09.zip (356.25 MB)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mach Decilitre Mush Mush Mush-amt related

Mach Decilitre
Mush Mush Mush

Lineage:  CD-R > EAC (v0.95) > FLAC (v1.1.0) encoding level 0

Track Listings:

1. Tahyajis (4:16)

2. Kozha Mahla (00:13)

3. Abramcomra (1:50)

4. Ahha (4:03)

5. Dereco (3:30)

6. Chiogamu (00:50)

7. mush.sapocario (3:35)

8. Woshas Mekos (1:33)

9. Sesame (4:13)

10. Sometime Yoshinoya (00:57)

Total Running Time: 25:06

Uki Eiji (AMT) - drums

other band members unkown (for the moment)


Not much info to be found on this one, but I got it along with the Kawabata
Makoto Private Tapes.  The original disc is a CD-R, and I can find no listing
for it as an official release anywhere.

It's short but it's a powerhouse.  A close relative of the Ruins, so if you like
their style then this is a no-brainer.

Mach Decilitre, Mush Mush Mush (OOP AMT related CDR).zip (161.38 MB)

Monday, May 23, 2011

sun city girls 9/30/04 EMP Seattle

sun city girls 9/30/04 EMP Seattle

9/3/04--EMP Seattle ----37 min--(-audio from digi8-)----A-

 scgs 9 3 04.zip (139.77 MB)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Melt Banana ll/lo/oo

Melt Banana 

11/10/00 Slim’s SF,CA

Aud (akg93 >LunatecV2 >d8 )--44min
melty11_10_00.zip (260.73 MB)


more 2004 Sun City Girls!

Sun City Girls!

10/30/04 The Werepad. S F, CA

aud akg480s > mobilepre usb > digital performer--24 min

scgs 10_30_04.zip (109.46 MB)

all is better with Hugo Truyens or maybe Jan Truyens

 What do you know, he finally UPLOADED some stuff , mostly mp3 and less than I sent  him, but better than 00000000000000

took 6 months, but finally got some sort of half assed deal out of him

 Hugo Truyens or maybe Jan Truyens Turnhout Belgium owes me for a dvd of Ellery Eskellin shows mailed to him in Belgium , about 15 shows on 1 dvd. Been 6 months + since he received the dvd/,

E mail jan.truyens@pandora.be
Nieuwstad 38
B-2300 Turnhout

Saturday, May 21, 2011

MMoB + Bill Horist 4/30/10 Rome

Master Musicians Of Bukkake + Bill Horist

more Bill H along with the Euro tour band.

Master Musicians Of Bukkake + Bill Horist 2010-04-30 Roma.zip (422.42 MB)

Marc Ribot's Shrek 4/2/93

Marc Ribot's Shrek 4/2/93

Larry Blake's Berkeley, CA

my favorite Ribot band, on the same level as Ceramic Dog, just some nice stuff

w/ S Steinberg, Sim Cain and Ralph Carney

not really Sol Steinberg, but I couldn't resist

aud 75 min

shrek 4 2 93.zip (388.5 MB)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

sun City Girls Montreal 2oo4, 1st night

 sun City Girls Montreal 2oo4, 1st night

6/4/04 Suoni Per Il Popolo-La Salla Rosa Montreal PQ,

dpa 4060's> mps6030>m1 - 83 min  

information the same as on the other one prior, just one night sooner, thanks again to Dwayne!
scgs6 4 04.zip (425.72 MB)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frith Dresser Mori Ostertag 4/26/94

Fred/Mark/Icky and Bob 

4/26/94 GAMH SF Ca 

 what a line up!

 88 min aud  DC10 cass 

 Frith-Dresser-Mori-Ostertag 1994-04-26.rar (429.53 MB)

Bill Horist 1/25/01 solo space gtr Seatte Art Museum

Bill Horist 1/25/01 

 Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA A sbd >d8 

from Jack DeGu comes this awesome solo experimental gtr solo show. This is the old Seattle Art Museum (now the Asian Art Museum) up on Crapital Hill, next to the water tower in which they should have a Bill Horist "Resonance Space" show.(not the new art museum downtown with the lame-o" hammerimg man ")

one of my favorite guitarists and an all around nice guy, Bill plays(ed?) with Master Musicians of Bukkake for some tours, and also did some duty with Kinski.  

if you hasn't heard of Bill, you need to get this 

bill horist 1 25 01.zip (260.73 MB)

Sun City Girls Montreal 2004 2nd night !

SUn City Girls 

6/5/04 Suoni Per Il Popolo La Salla Rosa Montreal PQ 

from the old canadiun taper, Dwayne Hodkinson, comes this nice set. I also have the 1st night they played 6/4 and will get it up soon, this is a nice extra long set, recorded with great gear:

dpa 4060's>mps6030>m1 120 min

raising a gin to Dwayne, wherever you are

scgs6 5 04.zip (595.85 MB)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

David Torn "Prezens” w/T Berne, C Taborn, T Rainey

David Torn

1/14/08 Vortex London

“Prezens” (T Berne, Taborn, Rainey, DT) 

BBC FM -53 min

 sorta a "torn hard cell" but ....... don't look that up on google

torn 1 14 08.zip (266.7 MB)


Haino/Yoshida/Natsuno 7/14/04


7/14/04 Manda-la 2, Tokyo Haino (gtr, vox), Tatsuya Yoshida (dr), Mitsuru Nasuno (b)

aud dpa 4061’s>d100 129 min, 2 cds 

of course the altered statesman and g zero alum 

haino-yoshida-natsuno 2004-07-14.zip (792.41 MB)

Haino solo Poitiers, Fr.6/5/04

6/5/04 Le Cerré Bleu, Poitiers, France 

solo Haino(vox, dr mach, gtr).
haino 2004-06-05.zip (372.91 MB)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zeni Geva 10/13/94 VPRO Radio Session, Netherland

Zeni Geva

10/13/94 VPRO Radio Session, Netherlands fm


Tim Berne Hard Cell 5/3/02 London FM

Tim Berne

5/3/02 The Spitz; London, England fm Hard Cell TB-as-Taborn-kbd Rainey-dr, 68 min

berne 5 3 02 London.zip (395.8 MB)

Mary Halvorson 8/15/07 Barbes, Brooklyn, NY

Mary Halvorson 8/15/07 Barbes, Brooklyn, NY 

MH gtr, John Hebert b , Ches Smith dr--edirol r9 w/internal mics--60 min 

 Have not had a chance to see MH, but I've seen Ches more than a few times with SC3 and Good For Cows. Got the heavy hands like Jim Black, great drummer. Halvorson goes from straight up jazzy bop stuff to pretty noisy, all in one set. I need to hear her in the DCW stuff with Anthony Braxton, I'm sure that would be killer....

halvorson_8_15_07.zip (310.43 MB)

Haino/ Hiromichi Sakamoto 2/4/5

2/4/05 In F,Tokyo Oizumi Gakuen, Ja

Haino (gtr, air synth,

vox, tambourine, fl, harmonica, shenai),

Hiromichi Sakamoto (cello, power tools, efx)

aud dpa 4061’s>d100 144 min 
haino-sakamoto 2005-02-04.zip (590.39 MB)

Kang/Barnes/Lowe Vashon Island 2004

Eyvind Kang
Keith Lowe
Danny Barnes

  6/18/04 Bishop’s Pub Vashon Island, WA ----aud --61 min

I've been fortunate enough to see Mr EK a half dozen times, with Frisell, with SC3 and a couple of shows back in Seattle at Earshot and some smaller bar shows, down at the Market, as I recall, fantastic artist, major composer, all around great show whenever he's there. ...........

see newer post for new upload addy, havatchu

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peter Brotzmann dual drummers 11/6/01

11/6/01  WIST Graz Austria

Brötz -reeds,
 Hamid Drake & Michael Zerang - dr,perc
----74 min  

I had the chance to see MZ a few years ago, fantastic drummer and percussionist, gets more out of a temple
bell than a lot of other drummers out of their entire kit. Nice guy, too. I have a set of his with an ensemble called Liof Munimula, I've got to dig that out for upload. If I was a Chigagoan, I'd see him play as often as I could. By the way, Hamid used to be Hank Drake. 

Brotz 11 6 01.zip (460.76 MB)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Black Dice 6/7/05 Portugee

Black Dice

6/7/05 Compost Tetris de Serravalves

Porto Portugal

aud t145>mzn710 (faux stereo edits by me) 48 min

mono mic, but not too bad a rec with all of $35 of gear! 


Evan Parker Solo soprano Saxophone 10/16/78

Evan Parker
10/16/78 New England Repertory Theater
Evan Parker, Solo soprano Saxophone

65 min + -

3 tracks

awesome set!! spooky atmospheric and blastingly weird

 mono recording, B+/A- some minor drop outs fixed in Cool Edit.

evan prkr 10 16 78.zip (290.92 MB)

Saturday, May 07, 2011

K Seshadri A Chattopadhyay 4/15/11

Kartik Seshadri/Arup  Chattopadhyay 
Beall Hall University of  Oregon, Eugene OR-
- classical music  of India
A C--tablas
also had a drone accompanyment of tabura (Doug  Scheuerell) 
3 ragas 
aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d50 about 100 min  

K Seshadri A Chattopadhyay 4 15 11.zip (452.45 MB)

Carlos Giffoni/Jazkamer 10/7/06

 Carlos Giffoni 

Jazkamer (John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug)

not bad for some Eurocat and  a couple of Norwegians.......... 

10/7/06 DIVA Art Center, Eugene OR  

aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d100 


Elliott Sharp/Frances-Marie Uitti duet 11/22/99 Mainz

 Elliott Sharp

1/22/99 AKUT Fest Frankfurter Hof, Mainz w/ Frances Marie Uitti  

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Brotzmann, Mars Williams, Kent Kessler, Hamid Drake 6/15/02

A companion to the 6/14/02 Trio, same venue, one night later

6/15/02 Gallery 37, Storefront Theater, Chicago, IL Brotz, Williams, Kessler, Drake-38 min  

Brotz4tet 6 15 02.zip (213.34 MB)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tim Berne 2/24/00 Vortex, London (Eng) w/Big Satan (Ducret, Rainey)

Tim Berne
2/24/00 Vortex, London (Eng) w/Big Satan (Ducret, Rainey)

berne 2 24 00.zip (494.93 MB)

megaupload link is dead, see 2/2oi2 upload for new lynx

Monday, May 02, 2011

Brotzmann/Graves 11/1/02

Peter Brotzmann reeds
Milford Graves -dr

amazing amount of sound from a duo!

11/1/02 Milfoil Graves/ P. Brötz 64 min. JazzFest Berlin , Haus der Berliner Festspiele
brotzmann graves 11 1 02.zip (401.29 MB)

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Tim Berne with Elliott Sharp and Roberto Zorzi 8/24/90

Tim Berne
8/24/90 New Traditionalists 
Herb Robertson (trmpt),
E# (gtr), 
R Zorzi (gtr),
M Feldman (v),
Percy Jones (b),
B Previte (dr) sbd, 67 min 

berne 8 24 90.zip (393.88 MB)