Thursday, August 30, 2018

Jarboe 2/2/6 Old (gods) Church PDX


o2 o2 2oo6

Old (gods) Church

Portland OR 

excellent recording by the always awesome Hortense Hitler!ZpATyYDa!xk3Io0G6bFMcX33UOwXIqLM3tG5Wf0-PsoPgfs-8VK8

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hans Grusel's Krankinkabinet, Caroliner Rainbow, D Yellow Swans et al dvd 2oo5

Here's some misc performances of 

Hans Grusel's Krankinkabinet,
 Caroliner Rainbow,
 D Yellow Swans

and a couple of other sets from University of Oregon Eugene OR. 

on or about 2005 

the tapir was me, so thus the shakey cam 

Sony hi8 camcorder!J4IXlIxa!guZFpGfjJapP3M7OaDXgtLieOmIfhg78zSVodBwcngk