Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brotzmann, Lomberg-Holm, Zerang 6/14/02 power trio!!

Peter Brotzmann
Fred Lomberg-Holm
Michael Zerang

6/14/02 Gallery 37, Storefront Theater, Chicago, IL aud--37 min  

  Brotz-reeds / Fred Lomberg-Holm-cello / Michael Zerang-dr


see newer post for e=up link

Friday, April 29, 2011

Flying Luttenbachers East Coast shows 1999

Flying Luttenbachers East Coast shows 1999

8/23/99 Milvale Industrial Theater, Pittsburgh (trx 1-3)
8/25/99 Pontiac Philly PA (trx 4-6)
8/26/99 Middle East Cambridge MA (trx 7-9)

fls_east coast (436.82 MB)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flying Luttenbachers w/Jim O'Rourke Knit Fac 94

9/1/94 knitfac nyc weasel walter (dr) jeb bishop (b, trome, casio)dylan posa (gtr)chad organ (t& barsax, moog)w/ jim o'rourke (moog on 5-7 only) sbd> cass

luttenbachers - (329.68 MB)

Dave Liebman 9/30/74

Dave Liebman 9/30/74 Munich

Leibman 9 30 (417.91 MB)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

haino-fujikake 12/19/04

keiji haino-fujikake 12/19/04

12/19/04 Haino (gtr, vox), Masataka Fujikake (dr) Stormy Monday, Yokohama aud minidisc rec 102 min

haino-fujikake (554.67 MB)

Mats G "the Thing" w/Thurston Moore 2005

Mats Gustaffson "The Thing" W/Thurston Moore

The Thing with Thurston Moore : Live at Øya: Smalltown Superjazzz : STSJ106CD: DVD>wav
Released : 2005 Reissued : 2007

mg (sax), ingebrigt haker flaten(b), paal nilssen-love (dr), t moore, gtr

The Thing - 2005 - Live at Oya (FLAC).zip (205.18 MB)

Monday, April 25, 2011

EPB Victo 2004

More Eskellin/Parkins/Black!

5/20/04 EE/AP/JB FIMAV 2004 – Cinema Laurier, Victoriaville, PQ Aud dpa 4060's>dpa mps6030>m1


nice rec of the Jazz Thrash trio, I think this is a Dwayne Hodgkinson recording, using dpa4060's to an M1 dat, he did a great job, I wonder if he's still out there and taping? Dwayne, are you there?????

EPB Victo (311.76 MB)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Einstürzende Neubauten --spuuugh!! '86


2/18/86 Vaals - Jeugdcentrum Spuugh NL aud vivanco em160 >wmd6c 51 min

Einsteins New Baton 2 18 (353.98 MB)

seeking German translation........

seeking German translation.......

I got an interesting file the other day, it's some band called Ghedalia Tazartes, sounds sort of like Tuvan vocalists with some electronics and maybe accordion.....there's a pretty extensive German into/innero/utero/outtro to it, and I'd like to know what's being said...........

here's the link to a mp3 pull of it

looks sort of like a younger Leonard Cohen wearing golf slacks/kilt

if anyone can translate and send me back an mp3 or a wav or even a doc/txt file, I'd be totally grateful, or they could even paraphrase it sort of with the highlights or lowlights of what's being said.....

my email is, by the way ilduclo AT hotmail DOT com.

greets and thanks in advance

by the way, according to my stats on this blog, I have quite a number of hits from Europe including Austria and Germany, so I know you're out there.......

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ruins, 97 Demo Tape

Ruins, 97 Demo Tape


ruins 97 demo (187.57 MB)

Lesbian 4/6/10 OSS

Seattle's Lesbian stopped by the Oak St for a night of great metal.

Lesbian 4 6 (265.55 MB)

Marc Ribot "the Crackers" 3/9/01 sbd

Marc Ribot's "the Crackers"

3/9/01 Tonic NYC “Crackers” (w/ MA Thomson, D Bowne, C Weston, C Lightcap),
(1st gig) 49min sbd

ribot fucks around with country and hillbilly themes, he really can do it all, including a version of Roger Miller's "Dang Me"

line up looks a little odd, but Dougie plays 2nd gtr on this one, and Weston is his usual self on the drums

ribot crackers (229.21 MB)

Friday, April 22, 2011

MMoB 4/27/10 Swiss Miss

2010-04-27 Geneva, Switzerland

Master Musicians Of Bukkake 2010-04-27 Geneva, (384.64 MB)

Brötzmann Västerås, Sweden 3/6/o9

Peter Brötzmann - Toshinori Kondo - Massimo Pupillo - Paal Nilssen-Love - Quartet


Perspectives 2009

Toshinori Kondo,tp,electronics
Peter Brötzmann,ts,as
Massimo Pupillo,e-b
Paal Nilssen-Love,dr

1 Announcement Raymond Strid 0:54
2 Title 32:50


Peter Broetzmann Quartet - Vaestras - (205.8 MB)

Bob Ostertag/Sachiko M 5/27/oo Rhiz Wein, Austria

Bob Ostertag
Sachiko M

Rhiz Wein (what the fuck does that mean?) Austria


Bob Ostertag was the guy that pretty much got me into avt-grd music, with his work with Fred, Say No More, etc. I have most of his stuff, including a bunch that came in cool metal boxes with silkscreened covers. I think he was giving away a lot of his stuff online at one time, not sure if he's still doing that, he also blogs on politics and culcha for Ariana Huff. Damn good writer, too. I'll post a thing he wrote about electronic music, if I can find it. Like A Melody, No Bitterness is one of my all time favorite recordings. Great cover, too.....

ostertag sachiko 5 27 (197.35 MB)

'Splodies WoW Hall 5/3/07

 Explosions in the Sky. Big Ass Tour, well attended and well taped, including by yours truly....

check them out on the archive, for fans of Mogwai or other drifty and esoteric post rock....

"Jazz Thrash " 6/6/03 The Vortex, London, U(c)K

"Jazz Thrash "
Ellery Eskelin -sax
Andrea Parkins -accordion/electronics
Jim Black -drums

6/6/03  The Vortex, London, U(c)K

The adventurous trio, a treat to see live, EE is one of the better tenor saxes playing now, andrea is always nice to hear (and look at) and Jim Black has those heavy hands that really make the drums stand out in any group he's in.

epb 6 6 (298.57 MB)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lucy Shelton 4/13/10

Lucy Shelton 4/13/10 Beall Hall, University of Oregon Eugene OR LS: soprano and electronics –Milton Babbitt’s “Philomel”—aud dpa 4061’s>spsb3>d50

l shelton 4 13 (58.21 MB)

Kemialliset Ystavat 5/25/08 Ball---teee---m0re

Kemialliset Ystavat

5/25/08 Floristree Baltimore, MD

finns-- Su-fucking-omi!!

aud peluso cemc6/ck41 >jb3—31.min
KY080525A.rar (154.82 MB)




aud dpa4061's.spsb3.d50

bass (and some vox) by Will from Human Certainty

WitTR 4 14 (253.16 MB) theif

NO 2 Bad Trader:? Hirakemike2 owes me for upload of 6 discs worth of Iva Bittova shows. Might be sending me something, but it’s been over 2 months weeks since he downloaded the stuff he asked for

now 5 months

whats up with these people, they're sure right there when they want something. but then you just never seem to hear from them at all....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vibracathedral Orchestra 11/20/04 The Spitz

Vibracathedral Orchestra


The Spitz, London, UK
Aud ecm-719 mic> mz-N710md

38 min

I always want to call them vibrating catheter. but then, that's just me.... (203.68 MB)

Majah Stahs 3 12 02 Philly

Major Stars

3/21/02 Khyber Pass,
Phila. PA.

44 min dpa 4061’s>m1

major (272.88 MB)

Guru and Zeros 8/22/02 Ispy Seattle

Guru and Zeros
I Spy, Seattle Wa

Makoto Kawabata /Cotton Casino/Daevid Allen

8/22/02 I-SpySeattle sbd--57 min

File Name: guru zeros I
Download Link:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No-Neck Blues Band 3/7/03 Hint House, NYC

No-Neck Blues Band
3/7/03 Hint House, NYC

aud csb/mod>d8 -55min (300.77 MB)

boredoms 1 1 1 "psycho-baba"

Jan 1, 2001
Osaka Partitta-Japan “Psycho Baba”


DOMS I I (354.59 MB)

boredoms 8/12/01 Hotaka Mountain Fest


8/12/01 Hotaka Mountain Fest , Tokyo environs, Ja

sbd? (256.39 MB)

Masayoshi Urabe solo sax Tokyo 12/28/01

Masayoshi Urabe

12/28/01 Kid Ailack Art Hall Tokyo solo sax 53 min (175.96 MB)

new link as follows also new post 6/25/12

Download link:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sun City Girls 3/96 Moe's

Sun City Girls
3/29 (possibly 3/30?) 1996
Moe's Seattle Wa------73 min

almost as nice a pic as some of the Kawabata and AMT stuff

scgs 3 29 (471.97 MB)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thalia Zedek 6/29/03 WoW Hall

Thalia Zedek
WoW Hall
Eugene OR

Thalia Zedek (vox,gtr)w/ David Michael Curry(violin, trmpt, electronix) and Daniel Coughlin (dr)

aud csb's>csbb>mdmt770

thalia 6 29 (215.94 MB)

Dinosaur Jr, 4/18/06 WoW Hall

Dinosaur Jr
WoW Hall
Eugene OR

aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d100

il ild build

awesome show, 3rd time I've seen Mascis, first 2 times were with Fog, he is pretty fantastic in whatever he initial reaction to this recording was vocals low in the house mix, but on re-listen, I thought it sounded pretty damn good.

dino jr 4 18 (504.78 MB)

Jucifer 2/23/07 Jon Henroids

Jon Henroids
Eugene OR

the team of Amber and Ed, you gotta say!

In the Name of God Jon Henroids 2/23/07

In the Name of God from PDX

HC Minds 2/18/11 OSS

HC Minds
Oak St Speakeasy
Eugene OR
aud dpa4061's>spsb3>d50

nice show by Isamu and band, they just get better and better.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Secret Chiefs 3 6/1/06 WoW Hall

WoW Hall Eugene OR

great rec of Trey and the boys. I don't care for their surf sound, but the elec saz work is pretty nice. I think this is the rec with Eyvind Kang, too, who is pretty damn fantastic


aud dpa 4061's>spsb3>d100

ild mfg

sc3 6 1 (545.21 MB)

Nels Cline 11/16/05 -solo

Nels Cline

11/16/05 -solo

-Tribeca Performing Arts Center,NYC

awesome solo set from the gtr master, wish he would come to my town again, but not in Wilco........

aud dpa 4021 > v3 ) > sd 722 --39 min

Vivimancer 10/8/10 The Gup


10/8/10 The Gup, Eugene OR

aud dpa 4061’s>spsb3>d50

a friend of mine, Scott's alterego, he's also INRI and in Scrolls and also plays on the Oiwa set I posted earlier. Always good stuff. This Vivimancer set is a bigger band with Abe and Robin from Rye Wolves/Scrolls and also a violinist who I don't know her name (but she's GOOD)

vivemancer set.rar (106.24 MB)

Six Organs of Admittance 7/9/03 FM

6 Organs of Admittance

7/9/03"live on idiot control", WPBR Princeton

soa idiot (177.86 MB)

These Arms are Snakes 10/15/08 awesome Euro matrix recording


10/15/08 “013 “ Tilburg NL

matrix csb’s>csbb>ir120

taas 10 15 (205 MB)

Human Certainty 10/29/04

Human Certainty 10/29/04
Samurai Duck, Eugene OR

on the bill with Yob and Kylesa, this is the band that Will from Wolves in the Throne Room ran prior to his work in WITR, he's on gtr on this one, also features Robin from Rye Wolves on 2nd gtr attack. Both share vocals. I forget who the drummer was, bass was Jamie from Parade of Storms, but they were a great band, proggy hardcore metal?

and, no, I didn't attend or tape the show Will mentions at the end of this set. I am sure it would have been great......I gotta get some Parade of Storms uploaded, they're great, too.

human certainty 10 29 (177.91 MB)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

SwanS Holy Money Tour 86 sbd

1986” Swans Holy Money Tour "Europe"

Gira, Jarboe, Norman Westberg, prob. Crosby, Gonzales & Naham sbd, A/A-,

56 min

swans holy (348.13 MB)

Kylesa 10/29/04 Samurai Duck Eugene OR

Samurai Duck Eugene OR

another great metal show from the highly missed Samurai Duck! From early Kylesa, now getting some decent press, but I think not as good as "back then"...

csb’s>csBB>mdmt770 master

kylesa 10 29 (231.56 MB)

Avarus 2 live sets


2 live sets

4/4/05 Tulliiklubi, Tampere Fi ---32 min—B+
4/22/06 Terrastock 6 Pell Ctr Providence RI---FM 22 min----A

I am always interested in more Avarus, I think they are one of the most creative bands around.

"The title of their album, Jättiläisrotta (trans. Giant Rat) derives from Avarus' theory of the Three Stages of Drunkenness:

Stage 1. "I wish I were drunk."
Stage 2. "I have to puke."
Stage 3. Jättiläisrotta"

from their Secret Eye profile

avarus 2 live (263.92 MB)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Yob 5/4/05 the samurai duck

the samurai duck

Eugene OR
csb’s>csbb>d100 -66 min-
--(club sound system had a couple probs, great set, tho)

this was the old Yob when the bass player was the guy from HC Minds, great then, and still great now

yob 5 4 (376.11 MB)

World’s End Girlfriend (Katshuhiko Maeda) 4/21/07 The Triple Rock Miineapolis, MN

World’s End Girlfriend (Katshuhiko Maeda)

The Triple Rock
Miineapolis, MN

sbd --49 min

weg 4 21 (182.08 MB)

Peril 2/21/95 Democrazy ( aka the wafflehouse )Ghent

Democrazy ( aka the wafflehouse )Ghent

Tony Buck: drums, samples, machines, vocal;
Otomo Yoshihide: turntables, guitar;
Thierry Fosmale: bass

sbd by Jonathan (all thanks!)

Peril 2 21 95 Ghent.rar (451.74 MB)

Swans 3/8/97 Chase  Choc´s, Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Chase  Choc´s,
Neuchâtel, Switzerland

---mmm! Choclatey!!, A-, 79 min

swans chase (359.31 MB)

Wolf Eyes 7/15/04 Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR

Wolf Eyes

Crystal Ballroom
Portland, OR
aud Schoeps MK4s >Nbox> sbm-1>m1 22 min

wolf eyes 7 15 (126.97 MB)

These Arms are Snakes 1/28/06 Shitbox, Seattle

These Arms are Snakes
Shitbox, Seattle aud akgc1000’s>ua5>mt24/96

great recording of Seattle artrock by Brian Connolli

taas 1 28 (223.04 MB)

Subarachnoid Space 10/13/02 Axis, Boston, MA

Subarachnoid Space
Axis, Boston, MA
31 min

longtime Melynda Jackson band just ceased existance. A pity, I've gotten to see them a couple of times, once with Acid Mothers. Always a good show, hopefully will hear more from them soon

SUBSPIDER 10 13 (139.56 MB)

Graves at Sea 5/4/05 the samurai duck, Eugene OR

Graves at Sea

5/4/05 the samurai duck, Eugene OR
--csb’s>csBB>d100 master--48 min-

part of same crew as in Laudenum, get this!!
club sound system was fucking up, but great set

graves at sea 5 4 (307.5 MB)