Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ruins and Sun City Girls, live collaboration dvd i994

Ruins and Sun City Girls

live collaboration dvd

date I have for this is sometime 1994. Appears to be a house or shop show, nothing on the live data base shows this

or maybe  Filmed by Javier Gallegos in Seattle at what was known as the Palatine House where Alan, Charlie and Scott Colburn lived at the time. Guessing 1993, maybe 94. 

collab in 94. Pretty crazy set, as you could imagine.

decent quality video and audio.

screen caps above

ruins scgs 2.29 GB!MtRTXLaD!kg1S8o75D3qMGc3mvZyOscGU-6bCX84umjp_XyYiNBc