Sunday, August 30, 2015

No Safety o7/i2/i993 Zeena Parkins, Chris Cochrane DVD

No Safety

7/12/93 Knitting Factory, NYC

screen capture above.

Decent sound (eq helps) decent picture, an essential for fans of these musicians

No Safety was a New Yorkband formed by Zeena Parkins (Skeleton Crew, News From Babel, Bjork). The band also included guitarists Chris Cochrane (Curlew) and Doug Seidel, bassist Ann Rupel (curlew, God is my CoPilot), and drummer Tim Spelios on this show (Pippen Barnett on most other sets).

They released their first album entitled This Lost Leg in 1989 on Rec Rec before being joined by David Shea for their second album, Spill in 1992. The band also released a split with the Flying Luttenbachers in 1994 before disbanding. Also a live cd with some of this set as well as sets from 7/5, 7/13 and  featured on Live at Knitting Factory series disc 3(portions of a set recorded 11/19/89.) Get em all!!N4pnjZDY!_SyiHowlg6eUodvdYoUG6TXQZcTqSYu27UvrdDHhhjk

No Safety o7 i2
2.05 GB

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