Thursday, April 05, 2012

Frances-Marie Uitti solo-- All Frontiers - Gradisca dIsonzo - Italy 2007

Frances-Marie Uitti solo

 All Frontiers - Gradisca dIsonzo - Italy 2007

Last up from the 2oo7 All Frontiers fest is a totally amazing short performance by Uitti, this is just an astounding set, and confirms for me why I think she's the best cellist out there today,

you should get this performance!

  Frances-Marie Uitti.flac (42.47MB)

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there are some other sets in the All Frontiers Fest set I got, but without any input, I'll stop here

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  1. Fantastic - I love Frances-Marie Uitti's music and playing. There's not too much available from her.
    Really appreciated - thank you very, very much!!