Saturday, August 02, 2014

Eugene Chadbourne Vermin of the Blues

Eugene Chadbourne
Vermin of the Blues

 (LP, Album) Fundamental UK 1987

I picked this up in PDX at Exiled Records, which is just a great shop. Lots and lots of rarities
and treasures in the bins and really good prices.  This is a gem of a record. Just what you expect
from EC.

lp>d5o transfer, some more noticeable lp pops removed in CoolEdit, (note that the record is in great shape, though!) tracks cut in cdwav, I put the radio banter as separate tracks to make them skippable, if you like, front and back cover jpeg's included........Richard Speck looks pretty pharaonic.........

Eugene Chadbourne -Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Resonator Guitar [Dobro], Banjo, Vocals 
Ivan Brown -Bass 
Jim Starboard -Drums  
Mark Korpi-  Electric Guitar 
Evan Johns -Organ [Vox Organ], Electric Guitar, Guitar [Lap Steel] 

We Tried To Make A Record But We Couldn't Get It Together 
Fried Chicken For Richard Speck 
Bo Diddley Is A Communist
Breakin' The Law Every Day 
I Hate The Man Who Runs This Bar 
Johnny Cash In The Phillipines 
Rebel Rouser Version 5,678  
Keep A Knockin' 
Vermin Of The Blues 
My Mother's Eyes 
Psychotic Reaction  
Rockabilly Medley (Glad My Babe's Gone Away / Tongue Tied Jill) 
Rebel Rouser Version 6,890 
God Made Country Music For People Like Y'All 

E Chadbourne 301.6 MB!VwgVgJrK!p94svl8sGQa62Bq_8gdGDeoxDjjqvKNIlE4ndpHuNzE



  1. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Thank you ! I will listen this one soon as possible.
    Already like Chadbourne's Lsdc&W. Chadbourne is hard to listen because of the bad recording material. It's really a musicien you should seen on stage ;)

    Just listen now Evan Parker's The Snake Decides, found a flac version on israbox.


  2. Beautiful and funny!
    Eugene Chadbourne is a force of nature.
    Do you like Bruce Russell ( from The Dead C ) work?

    I would like to listen to him playing with Eugene Chadbourne.

    Thank you.