Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ground Zero 5/22/95 Victo

Ground Zero

5/22/95 Victo Fest PQ

Otomo, Uchihashi, Nasuno, Uemura, Yoshigaki, & Sachiko M -

57 min

seems to be a Dwayne rec? if so, aud dpa4060's>msps6030 >m1

Ground zero 5 22 238.32MB

flac link:

check out the following link for an edited version!!
thanks to Rest in Bits for the work

note MP3 link below,


  1. I have edited these audio files and improved its quality.
    May I post it in ?
    Thank you.

  2. but of course, please list the edits you did, so I can download it and appreciate your work!

    greets from OR to Espana!