Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nels Cline Singers + Henry Kaiser and Danielle DeGruttola 6/25/o2




Mill Valley, CA

Nels Cline gtr w/Devin  Hoff-b; Scott  Amendola-dr, elex;  

(the Singers) 


H Kaiser-gtr & Danielle DeGruttola-cello (the Plus)

File Name: NC si PLUS 6 25
Download Link:

File Name: NC si PLUS 6 25
Download Link:

So, I get a comment, of course from "anonymous", thanks but these won't extract. So, I go on line, copy the links into my browser (Opera) and download the 2 split files, put them in a single folder and open them in an unzipper (peazip), then run in thru TLH to see if it converts the flacs......OK all without issue. So, you're doing it wrong. Look up how to use a split zip and you got it.......

that is, aknonymouse, if you use a real name, I can send you these uncomplicated instructions

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