Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Worm Ouroboros 10/8/10 The Gup, Eugene OR

Worm Ouroboros

10/8/10 The Gup, Eugene OR

This group blew thru on a rainy October from SF. Set to do a Spring tour on the East Coast and then Midwest. Their self titled CD on Profound Lore didn’t leave my cd player for a couple weeks, Nice atmospheric vocals, good musicianship, great looking girls in this band. Hope they come through again soon.
The Gup was one of those houses hosting shows that came up very shortly before and died very shortly after this show. I am always appreciative of the people who put these shows together, and for the bands for playing at these odd little locations..
35 min
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worm ouroboros set.rar (210.16 MB)

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