Monday, March 21, 2011

Keiji Haino 7/16/05 Namba Bears Ohsaka Japan

Keiji Haino
7/16/05 Namba Bears Ohsaka Japan
,Haino gtr vox
Yamamoto Seiichii gtr dr
SP’s > d100--115 min

Enough photos are out there of Mr H, here’s one of YS. He’s played some shows with Acid Mother Temple, KK Null, Kan Mikame and other notables as well as ton of recordings with Boredoms , Omoide Hatoba, Rova, et al. If any of those names appeal to you, grab this.

I suspect he’s prematurely bald, because every picture I see of him, he’s wearing a hat. Thus the name Hatoba?

no megaupload anymore, but I can reup and send a link to individuals on request, let me know, I'll keep the megalink below, just in case it comes back somehow

Download links is are as fallers, copy and paste into your browser:

Haino7 16 (539.52 MB)


  1. i love haino and seiichi!!
    re-upload please...

  2. doubtful on the reup, let me know if you have anything to swap for it.