Monday, March 28, 2011

Acid-mothers-guru-guru-gong 2009-08-14 - Bad Doberan, GE


Daevid Allen, Kawabata Makoto, Mani Neumeier, Guy Segers
2009-08-14 - Bad Doberan, GE - aud (86m) (2cd)

many thanks to Gianmaria in Italy!

1) intro (30:41) *
2) improvisation > Pink Lady Lemonade (34:17) **
3) encore (21:16) ***
H2's w/ internal rear mics (120 degree angle mode)


  1. like most everything else on here, these sets were uploaded, then filed away in my less than ideal filing system. So, not a chance for reuploads, sorry. Only way for me to get these for you now is for an on line swap. I do those for other bootlegs in flac or mp3 versions, looking for generally what you see on here as a rule, and would go show for show for flac or megabyte for megabyte for mp3 for flac, I usually just keep flacs on storage. Contact me at kingeiderATinboxDOTcom, if you're interested in proceeding