Friday, March 25, 2011

Sonny Sharrock with High Life 11/17/91

Sonny Sharrock with High Life

Palomino Club Hollywood CA
Another in the all star dead band, this was a great loss to music. He did so much in so short a time (53 years old)

Sharrock 11 17 91 (445.37 MB)


  1. Thanks for this one as well!


  2. Last reupload request, this is a treasure!

  3. Generally NO reuploads here, sorry. How I operate is I dig these things out, flac convert them, upload, then refile them in my less than ideal filing system. So, not much chance, I do, however trade things from time to time, so if you have a list,send it to me at kingeiderATinboxDOTcom, and there may be some less than nonexistent chance we can do something.