Monday, March 21, 2011

Hainer and the Ruins (aka Knead) 8/10/01 Showboat, Koenji, Tokyo

Hainer and the Ruins (aka Knead)
8/10/01 Showboat, Koenji, Tokyo

Keiji Haino, Tatsuya Yoshida, and Hasashi Sasaki

Knead is featured on PSF128, a really nice live set available here:

“Knead is a new unit which brings together two of the most unmistakable voices in the Japanese underground, juddering prog-thrash duo Ruins, and master of all darkness he surveys Keiji Haino. Recorded live at Manda-la2 in December 2001.”

In addition to the above sets, I also has the followers:

2/2/03 Knead -Yaneura, Tokyo Shibuya -Haino (gtr)Tatsuya Yoshida (dr, voX), Hisashi Sasaki (b)) aud csb> MD, A-, 69 min
6/5/03 Tokyo, Koenji -w/Knead 2cd rocks radically!!--2cd-118 min B+/ A- this set is marred by slight microphone overloads, but is still quite listenable.

In addition I have quite a number of Haino sets with Yoshida and others from dates 1998 up to very recently. My trade list is fairly up to date at

Any other live Knead sets that others may have, please contact me!


no megaupload anymore, but I can reup and send a link to individuals on request, let me know, I'll keep the megalink below, just in case it comes back somehow

for this set, copy and paste this into your browser, non-lossy flac files:



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