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Keiji Haino/Peter Brotzmann/Shoji Haino 3/30/00 Graz, Austria

Keiji Haino/Peter Brotzmann/Shoji Haino =H+H+B
3/30/00 Graz, Austria

An outstanding tour with the Japanese guitarist and drummer joining the reed man from Germany. Some of the sets are absolutely coruscating and feature some of the best work by these guys in any setting. In particular the 1st concert from Utrecht is one of my favorites. Vocals are also present from Haino and the Brotz, maybe also from the Han, not sure…..The ones that are underlined below are sets that I have copies of personally. The others, that I know of were not recorded, but if anyone might have a copy of them, or upgraded sets of the ones I do have, I would be very grateful to be included in ownership.

Also, the 2 H’s of the equation played a couple of sets together right after returning to Japan, I’d expect these to be pretty outstanding as well, and again, I don’t have copies (hint hint ;) )

From the Haino live sets page the tour was as follows:

March-April 2000, European Tour
Shoji Hano (perc), Peter Brötzmann (sax), Keiji Haino (guitar)

March 25 at SJU Jazzpodium in Utrecht, Netherlands. My set is marred by a MINOR bit of brickwall overload and a couple of poorly chosen edits, but is still awfully good and some of my favorite work from the H and the B

March 26 at Dodorama in Rotterdam, Netherlands. A set I don’t have……

March 27 or 28 at Stadtgarten or Loft in Cologne, Germany. My set is marred by a bit more brickwall overload, but is otherwise the full 80 minute set, I received a copy from the taper, Frank E from Germany, who has provided me with a number of wonderful sets from various bands, and he lists it as 3/27/00 at Studio 672.

March 30 at Minor Jazz in Graz, Austria. Link to this set at the bottom of the post, non lossy flac files:

March 31 at Schlachthof in Wels, Austria. This one is released as an official disc on the DIW label, which may or may not be OOP a description of which follows the cover:

“….gradually works itself into a frenzy of activity, with Brötzmann turning his saxophone inside out and Haino inventing percussive chords to play in contrast to the cymbal and tom work of Hano before taking himself into the single-string shred zone. “ --Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

Those words would pretty much describe the tour….

April 1 at Musik-Kultur in St. Johann, Austria. A set I don’t have……

April 2 at Jazzgalerie Hans Falb in Nickelsdorf, Austria. A set I don’t have……

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