Monday, March 21, 2011

Hue Die Knitting Fac NYC 4/23/87

Hue Die

Knitting Fac NYC 4/23/87

John Zorn
Fred Frith
Ruby Chang

A nice early Zorn set, from when he had more talent and less ego (there was actually such a time). I always thought that he could put together a nice band, especially Slan with Elliott Sharp, but that he really ruined a lot of shows with the honking against his leg trick and the overuse of klezmer and hasidic themes….

By the way, Hu Die was the “Shining Sirens of Shanghai's Silver Screen” before the revolution

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no megaupload anymore, but I can reup and send a link to individuals on request, let me know, I'll keep the megalink below, just in case it comes back somehow

hu die 4 23 87.rar (299.92 MB)

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