Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mach Decilitre Mush Mush Mush-amt related

Mach Decilitre
Mush Mush Mush

Lineage:  CD-R > EAC (v0.95) > FLAC (v1.1.0) encoding level 0

Track Listings:

1. Tahyajis (4:16)

2. Kozha Mahla (00:13)

3. Abramcomra (1:50)

4. Ahha (4:03)

5. Dereco (3:30)

6. Chiogamu (00:50)

7. mush.sapocario (3:35)

8. Woshas Mekos (1:33)

9. Sesame (4:13)

10. Sometime Yoshinoya (00:57)

Total Running Time: 25:06

Uki Eiji (AMT) - drums

other band members unkown (for the moment)


Not much info to be found on this one, but I got it along with the Kawabata
Makoto Private Tapes.  The original disc is a CD-R, and I can find no listing
for it as an official release anywhere.

It's short but it's a powerhouse.  A close relative of the Ruins, so if you like
their style then this is a no-brainer.

Mach Decilitre, Mush Mush Mush (OOP AMT related CDR).zip (161.38 MB)

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