Saturday, May 14, 2011

Haino/ Hiromichi Sakamoto 2/4/5

2/4/05 In F,Tokyo Oizumi Gakuen, Ja

Haino (gtr, air synth,

vox, tambourine, fl, harmonica, shenai),

Hiromichi Sakamoto (cello, power tools, efx)

aud dpa 4061’s>d100 144 min 
haino-sakamoto (590.39 MB)

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  1. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Thanks kind sir keep em coming. wish I could reciprocate in some but for now my graditude will have to suffice. some requests if you have em: Green Flames. You posted some recordings of theirs in the SY forums. Anything new would be cool. If Nanjo has reared his head lately I'd surely like to hear that. You can check out most of my collection at discogs (user name aquabahn). if there's something that pigues yer interest let me. One cavaet, I'm not able to do vinyl rips at the moment.