Friday, May 27, 2011

Hainer/sakata from the 10 cent site

Just had a pal upload this for me, it's the one on Dime a Dozen recorded by fiyuki,

hiz notes

Haino Keiji X Sakata Akira

"LadyJane", Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan


Lineage: JZ microphones BT201-O>Naiant LittleBox(13'oclock)>[Line-In]Sony PCM-D50(Level6,24bit/48KHz)>
DigionSound5(Normalize/Resampling/Dithering)>Wav(16bit/44.1KHz)>TLH>flac (level 6)

Setlist : long improvisation
1. ? [ 60min 32sec ]
2. ? [ 62min 46sec ]

The Band:
Haino Keiji - guitar, hurdy gurdy, tambour, vocals
Sakata Akira - sax, flute, vocals

Note that:
This is not my best recording due to audience noise, I thought that it is still enjoyable stuff... enjoy!

Haino Keiji X Sakata Akira 2011-02-13 LadyJane

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