Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bill Horist 1/25/01 solo space gtr Seatte Art Museum

Bill Horist 1/25/01 

 Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA A sbd >d8 

from Jack DeGu comes this awesome solo experimental gtr solo show. This is the old Seattle Art Museum (now the Asian Art Museum) up on Crapital Hill, next to the water tower in which they should have a Bill Horist "Resonance Space" show.(not the new art museum downtown with the lame-o" hammerimg man ")

one of my favorite guitarists and an all around nice guy, Bill plays(ed?) with Master Musicians of Bukkake for some tours, and also did some duty with Kinski.  

if you hasn't heard of Bill, you need to get this 

bill horist 1 25 (260.73 MB)

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