Monday, February 20, 2012

Prelapse w/John Zorn 4/18/96 remastered and reup by request

Prelapse w/John Zorn -------------now deader than dead

- Alex Lacamoire: keyboards
- Rev. Mason Wendell: bass, vocals
- Dane Johnson: guitar
- Andy Sanesi: drums
- Jeff Hudgins: alto, clarinet
- John Zorn: alto

Pearl St Downstairs -

Northhampton MA

40 min-

a number of edits were done to this by me.

among them

selective amplification of portions of the right channel to better balance the levelsremoval of dead air (tao>dao correction) retrack, 24 tracks originally, basically was cut way too often, IMO. now 11 of them, plenty, I thinx.....

prelapse and (208.05 MB)

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