Friday, February 03, 2012

Formanek/Berne/Taborn/Cleaver 4/i5/ii Bologna Italy

Recieved this one from a taper friend in Italy, thanks Paolo!!

thought others might enjoy it as much as me

I had recent contact with a friend of Formaneks and he got this and the set I taped in June, thanks for playing Tiny Town, and come back soon!

Again, the wetransfer links die real quick, so grab this as soon as you CAN!!

Michael Formanek quartet - Bologna, Teatro San Martino 2011-04-15 (AUD).rar (408MB)


  1. Thanks. This looks like the source that hit dime shortly after the show. There was one from Munich too. I did Baltimore quite a few months before this, but had some inadvertent technical difficulties on the first show I never got around to fixing (though I do think they can be fixed).

    This is a great band.

  2. yeah, this was on DaD, but there's many folks, including myself, who are not P2P users. I have a free university dsl, but because of the sharing of illegal or copyrighted content, they do not allow faculty users to use bit torrent............:(