Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sylvester Anfang plays the Worm 2oo7

Sylvester Anfang

Worm, Rotterdam

this arteefact is off the Worm stream that they used to have.....recorded to my d100. It's probably lossy, but I kept it as a wav file. Worm used to have a great interactive web page with a lot of streaming concerts, but they've changed their page to read only in Dutch (or Hollandaise, or whatever it's called) so this Englandish speaker can't figure out where or how to find anything there anymore, snif, snif......

at any rate, they used to have some great shows up their, Bob Ostertag, Ignatz, Dodddododooodoo or however you spell her name, Jazkamer, u name it.....

well, enought rants for now, hope you all like this, I think it's pretty good,

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