Monday, August 13, 2012

Haino solo 4/15/11 Tilberg

Keiji Haino

4/15/11 013 Tilberg NL

aud  unknown gear, prolly cheap stuff

this was a "pay for dowload" off of a site called "Bruitlegs" which was taken down due to...well, just read about it yourself if interested. .....

so, I paid for this download, but since the site is down, I guess I'll pass it along as a free file. It's a bit crunchy, but is basically a pretty blistering set, so it's worth listening to and keeping for those who like the Hainer when he's in a guitar playing mode.....vs a singing mode, or all the other more bullshitty stuff he gets into

by the way, Flushitsusha is supposed to be playing some Euro shows this year, this COULD be some really great shows! Ilduclo recco's that you should attend and tape if possible, and pass along to me!! (Of course, please use a microphone and a recorder that can handle 110db, unlike broootlegs)


58 min unitrk

-overloaded   better w/ eq 

-B for Bruitlegs –B+

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