Friday, January 13, 2017

Xiu Feng o9 i6 1998

1998 Sept 16 (w/Trey Spruance - Guitar, John Schott - Guitar,Criss Brown - Electronics,
David Slusser - Keyboards Dave Lombardo _ Drums Percussion,William Winant - Drums 
Percussion, John Zorn - Alto Saxophone)

1. The Valiant Ones
2. The Beauty of Yang Hui-Chen
3. Trouble At Spring Inn
4. Ship On

Xiu Feng o9 i6 324.9 MB!E8gHzQ6D!NnHet_VltEyqB9RATzGaoKiGHnWeBBO0WeM6LGpR2R4

1 comment:

  1. Thank you
    Xu Feng was one of my first Zorn albums.
    I still have my copy.
    Fred Frith is not part of this gig, tho.