Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ginger Baker/Sonny Sharrock 3/19/87---Genf Geneva, Switz African Force Project

Ginger Baker/Sonny Sharrock

 3/19/87---Genf Geneva, Switz 

African Force, Special Project, Live at Geneva (1987) Sonny Sharrock (g) Ginger Baker (dr) unknown percussion players  

CD 1
unknown 14.42
Brain Damage 08.02
unknown 12.00
Breaking the Poles 22.22

CD 2
unknown 10.42
Once Come, Wait 30.41


  1. Any chance of a re-up, sir? Sharrock's Ask The Ages pretty much changed my life and I'd love to hear him playing with Ginger Baker.

  2. Fine. I'm taking you off my Christmas card list. Don't actually have one, to be honest, but if I did I would totally cross your name off and put a sad face next to it.

    Side note: Despite my angry outburst above, I do appreciate all the rare and wonderful music you're made available over the years. Still off the list, though.