Sunday, February 14, 2016

Roof (Tom Cora/Phil Minton/Luc Ex/ Michael Vatcher o6/25/i997


6/25/97 Kito Bremen, Germany ‘ROOF’ (TC-cello, Phil Minton-vox, Luc Ex-bass, Michael Vatcher-dr/perc) 78 min  fm 

roof o6 27 315.4 MB!s5gERBbC!CwAwLZv-v...ln5LGDFatq8U2A

try this tiny url,

or use google chrome to single click the mega url above


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    MEGA asks for a password. Any proposition ???

    Thanks in advance

  2. I think you may have had this problem before here. What you want to do is to use google chrome browser and just single click the url above. That gets me there just fine....I can make a tiny url for it, and will do so, but I think this is a browser problem, or maybe you're trying to cut and paste the url instead of just clicking it..... let me know if you try all of that and it still doesn't's too large to send to sendspace, I MIGHT consider sending it to wetransfer, but I'd need something to swap for that.

  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    mmmmh! Seems to work now, so I did it the same way as before ? The wonders of the net!

    many thanks, never enough Cora (and else)