Saturday, March 21, 2015

Keijii Hainer, Sam Hill Golem io////23////2oo8

Keiji Hainer

"Samhill Golem"

Sdlsx, Toky, Ja


Haino gtr vox, Mitsuru Nasuno - b, vox Tatsuya Yoshida - dr

aud dpa 4061's>d50

Sanhedrin 2008-10-23 SuperDeluxe 844.7 MB!sthBkJSL!KKv8juN7_1JgElySzGxqhSoUGMojT1U2tJd7XAMfets


  1. I just got the hang of decoding FLAC, now it's SHN. eff me

  2. the web's your friend here/ | mkw Audio Compression Tool‎
    Jun 6, 2002 ... For instance, when you're converting SHN files to WAV files for CD-R burning, you want them to go to a convenient ... Click on "decode to wav".
    Trader's Little Helper‎
    Traders of lossless compressed audio files (e.g. ape, flac, mkw, or shn files) have to handle a lot of different applications to decode, encode, create/verify ...