Monday, January 19, 2015

Z'ev 4/26/07


solo perc

04 26 2007
Diva Art Ctr
Eugene OR

aud dpa4061's>spsb3>d100

File Name: Zev o4 26
File Size: 192.6 MB
Download Link:


  1. Bodhi Amol12:30 PM

    Hello,could you please make this available again?
    I really adore Z'ev and like to hear as much as possible...

  2. hi, Bodhi

    I'd have to dig all of your requests out from my less than ideal filing system, so probably no reups unless you want to do an on line swap for something I might want. What I might want? Similar to what's on here


  3. Bodhi Amol2:57 PM

    Hello,i do have stuff by Z'ev,Swans (a lot!),Rhys Chatham etc, not recorded myself,but dl from the net and if you want something in FLAC ,i have to rely on my own CDs,since i have only stuff in 320 MP3,for i don't want to buy new Hard Discs all the time for a difference in sound that i can't detect,only in a few cases i left the FLACs intact,because i could hear a difference...So i could offer a 1989 gig by Glenn Branca and some stuff by Sonic Youth,SPK,Test Dept,Diamanda Galas etc in FLAC from my Live Tape Collection.

  4. Send me what you want to get and what you have to We can arrange something, I'm sure!