Sunday, January 06, 2013

Golden Palominos 8-6-82

Golden Palominos

Public Theater NYC


Arto, Jamaaladeen, Fier and Zorn, I do believe.......


  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    big thanks for this incredible concert, mike!! always loved the gp's debut album, this coming closest although much more relaxed and less manic.

    according to discogs and a few sites d. moss was also included in the show - i thought i heard his voice and fuzz going on in the back, there's certainly more than fier's drumming as rhythm. on the bass is definately not laswell but tacuma, that's for sure. and arto + jz are easily indentifiable, the latter on alto and game calls, too (clean plate, the opener, f.e.).


  2. How do I open this file?

  3. sent a info page to ricardo, here it is as well

    here's how I do split zips

    download all of the files and save in one folder

    open an unzipper which handles split zips

    Peazip(freeware) found here

    does this, so does winzip, which is only free as a trial last I looked.....

    open the first file with the program, it will find the rest and extract ALL of the files to one directory.

    if there's problem with opening the "flac" files, use

    traderslittlehelper (freeware)

    found here

    all should come out OK as playable on computer, cd player, etc.