Friday, December 07, 2012

John Zorn solo 1980

John Zorn "zolo"

Rumor Fest,

Utrecht, Netherlands 

1980 fm,

sorry if you didn't get this, but I guess Mr Zorn was not pleased, only could have been him, since this was a solo show.....

so, get these while you can, there are probably more of these coming!

ps, I love how they spell intellectual...very intillligint! 

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  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    thanks for all the jz shows - got this before where the poster claimed it was a solo duck call recording (which it is) from '81. for those who're interested, here's the whole blurp:

    "John Zorn
    1st Claxon Sound Festival 1981
    Theater 't Hoogt, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
    March 11(?), 1981

    This upload features my version, taped from the Dutch FM radio broadcast from 1999, of the Utrecht 1981 (!) Duck calls solo by John Zorn.
    This piece can be found on various trade-lists already, but with very scarce or even wrong info: In some trading lists, the piece erroneously is listed as coming from the 1980 Rumor Fest.
    It was included as part of the broadcast of the John Zorn settings (Cobra, Masada and the String Quartets) performed by Dutch musicians in Den Bosch on March 19-21, 1999.
    It seems that in a previous upload of these concerts by 71whit, this solo piece was included somewhere in the torrent.
    In my current reseed on Dime (including the previously "missing" String Quartet composition) I left out this solo piece.

    Recently I found out some more info about the Claxon Festival. It's first edition took place in 1981, organized by Michel Waisvisz (who sadly passed away earlier this year) and Maarten Altena (known a.o. for his work with earlier settings of the Instant Composers Pool).
    It seems that on or about March 11, 1981 this festival took place in Utrecht. According to the announcer of the 1999 broadcast, the venue was Theater 't Hoogt in Utrecht, which nowadays seems to be in use as a movie theatre. The announcer also revealed that it was John Zorn's first ever concert in Europe.
    The piece as it is presented here wasn't traded before, but the sound quality equals that of my current John Zorn - Den Bosch 1999 upload (making it a solid A).

    01 Duck calls solo (13:25)

    John Zorn - Duck calls (various saxophone mouth-pieces, sometimes put in a bucket of water)

    FM broadcast > cassette > CDR (Philips CDR770) > EAC > WAV > Audacity (track length editing) > FLAC"


  2. well, that's certainly intilligint!