Monday, October 15, 2012

Haino/Yoshida/Natsuno 7/i4/04 reup by requestie


7/14/04 Manda-la 2, Tokyo Haino (gtr, vox), Tatsuya Yoshida (dr), Mitsuru Nasuno (b)

aud dpa 4061’s>d100 129 min, 2 cds 

of course the altered statesman and g zero alum 


reup by requestie,

mechagodzilla link still provided (for prevention of disease only) new linkies at bottom

haino-yoshida-natsuno (792.41 MB)

note, this is a split zip and here is some ways to assist you in assembling it into a 2 cd ready set

you need to assemble the zips by putting them all in one separate folder, then using an unzipper that handles split zips, I use one called peazip.

it's freeware

then you just start with unzipping file 1 and it finds/unzips the rest.

good luck


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