Monday, June 18, 2012

KK Null, Mitsuru Tabata, Murayama 3/9/03




"Monster DVD
Drum'n Noise from Tokio

Japan is the land of extremes - something you can definitely tell from the work of the members of Monster DVD.
Guitarist Tabata is founding member of the infamous "The Boredoms" - a band which has an absolute superstar status in Japan, he is also a permanent member of Zeni Geva fame.
Superb Zeni Geva shouter KK NULL is is playing drums for Monster DVD. KK NULL is also internationally reknowned for his experimental recordings.

If you are curious to hear how this collage of Metal-musicians, experimental electronicists and harsh noisers sounds like... check it out on 1st December in Duisburg.
Buzzwords like "guitar noise", 70's Krautrock, Industrial, Noise, Free Form stand not up to this exceptional unit.

Homepage : (contains Monster DVD mp3 file & full tour calender)

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