Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Holy Angels - Angel Trip" (LA-082)

Pooperzine sez it well

"Holy Angels - Angel Trip (LA-082)

This is another one of the Nanjo/La Musica cassette tape releases from the late nineties. This is one of my faves; the rich, deep echo'd out psych is just gorgeous. Not really sure what the story behind this is exactly, though Holy Angels do have a few cassettes listed in this La Musica catalog. Angel Trip is listed as catalog number LA-082 and contains two long tracks. The description from the catalog (by Nanjo, translated by Alan Cumming) goes like this:

Space psycedelic group centring around female members. Their third release to feature that heavenly holy sound. While still pursuing the minimal progressive direction evident on their previous release, here they increase the voltage and add a full psychedelic trip-feel. Also features Asahito Nanjo on sitar. Unreleased studio recordings.

And that is about all the info I can dig it. It seems this was issued on vinyl at one point, but I never actually saw it or anything."

hOLY aNGELS aNGEL (248.86 MB)


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Thanks very much!

  2. more obscuraties from Ja are upcoming! stay tuned!

  3. Hi Mike,
    thank you for this one, I know about La Musica rec. but I was never able to buy their tapes. I Dled in 2001 the catalog from their website, but unfortunatly no one ever answer to my mails. So maybe you, or someone else that sails nearby, may help me to find something about these bands: MENZAIFU, BUZOKU, MABOROSHI NO MUCHI, JOHARI, AME NO UZUMENO MIKOTO, CHIMIMORIO, UP TIGHT, TEN NO OHKAMI, NIPPONIA NIPPON, SHOKUBAIYA, they all have one or more tapes out on La Musica, and for what I know nowhere else. Thank You again for Holy Angels

  4. Mike
    if you are interested to see the catalog with the description of all the tapes from 001 to 099 let me know and I mail you a pdf

  5. sure, post a link to it here. Uptight is the only one you mention above that I am familiar with. I have a set of theirs from Instal o5

    check out their myspace link and go from there?

  6. Here I am Mike,
    for all the people interested in La Musica Rec. catalogue here is a pdf: