Monday, December 05, 2011

Zappa plays Zappa 9/23/11 Cult Theater

Zappa plays Zappa
Hult Center, Eugene OR

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opened for Return to Forever.

Armando Corea plays keys on King Kong!

ZpZ 9 23 (317.52 MB)


  1. now on "zappateers", is the Hult, not the cult, my lttle jok

  2. Bozo the Clown5:06 PM

    A great show I got to lsten to the same day I learned of the passing of the great Motorhead Sherwood,[and the great Sam Rivers]. Great to hear Dweezil keeping the spirit ALIVE!

  3. glad you enjoyed and that the Zappateers did so, too. It was pretty enjoyable even though my personal favorite Zappa era is MUCH MUCH earlier than these songs. Anything from Flo and Eddie back is pretty great, but I kind of started not liking his stuff as much after maybe Waka Jawaka or Chunga's.......wonder what he'd be sounding like now if he hadn't gone so soon.....;(

  4. thanks for visiting, Posty! see you around town!