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Skist 7 21 02

Skist  7/21/02

Haruna Ito: vocal, feedback, field recordings, programming
Samm Bennett: percussion, WaveDrum, Juno-60, programming

7/21/02  -tokyo azabu juban deluxe-

aud- csb's to Sony MD -51 min- 

description of live set  (from Fat Planet) 

"skist – haruna ito and samm bennett – describe themselves as an “experimental song unit”; a description that only begins to penetrate the many layers at play. on their new album, ‘taking something somewhere’, the notion of ‘song’ is very much at the core, albeit in an abstracted form. whilst musically skist stretch purposefully into the future, haruna’s vocals exist as a series of precision-perfect postcards sent from somewhere out of time; it’s impossible to pin down any notion of reference. that said, the use of song as a distinct ‘moment’ certainly flows to eglantine gouzy from last week’s post, and i’m also tempted to cite the vocal constructs of lamb’s lou rhodes as a touch point.

 rhythmically, you can lose yourself inside this release. ditching any tried and true method of mapping A to B, samm’s programming and instrumentation takes diversionary and circuitous routes; always side-stepping expectations, yet – unlike his glitch IDM counterparts – never losing the way. this has much to do with the warm marriage of pre-programmed beats, live electronic percussion (such as the wavedrum) and traditional acoustic drums. haruna then additionally offsets both her own poetic vocal performance and samm’s rhythms with waves of subtle electronic feedback"

samm b 7 21 (237.38 MB)

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