Friday, April 22, 2011

Bob Ostertag/Sachiko M 5/27/oo Rhiz Wein, Austria

Bob Ostertag
Sachiko M

Rhiz Wein (what the fuck does that mean?) Austria


Bob Ostertag was the guy that pretty much got me into avt-grd music, with his work with Fred, Say No More, etc. I have most of his stuff, including a bunch that came in cool metal boxes with silkscreened covers. I think he was giving away a lot of his stuff online at one time, not sure if he's still doing that, he also blogs on politics and culcha for Ariana Huff. Damn good writer, too. I'll post a thing he wrote about electronic music, if I can find it. Like A Melody, No Bitterness is one of my all time favorite recordings. Great cover, too.....

ostertag sachiko 5 27 (197.35 MB)

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